Recent Amazon Home Buys

Recent Amazon Home Buys

When it comes to the house, there's a lot of random stuff I need that I don't know where to buy so I turn to Amazon. Some of the stuff is boring but some of it may just be what you need. So I rounded up my purchases from the last two months for the home!

Recent Amazon Home Buys

Recent Amazon Home Buys

Home Decor

1. Gorilla Grip Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat -- We just got these for our bathroom shower area. I liked them mainly because they were soft but washable. That was a big thing for us! Bath mats get so gross and a lot of times there's not much to do for it. 

2. Hard Floor Chair Mat -- Andrew got this for his office. Nothing fancy but it'll help protect the hardwood floors.

3. Firewood Log Rack Cover --Another Andrew purchase was a log rack. We just got our fireplaces cleaned and now we need somewhere to store all of the wood.

4. Umbra Curtain Rod -- If you saw my curtain fiasco then you know this was the rod I was going to use but it's taking a little longer than planned to get in new curtains.

5. Spode Salad Servers -- We have these but they broke randomly (chipped on the bottom) so this is a replacement for our other set. 

6. Gorilla Grip Area Rug Gripper Pad -- I'm using this pad under our smaller area rugs upstairs. Affordable and it worked well.

7. Topyi Full Length Mirror on Wheels -- My original plan was to have a rolling mirror that I could pull out from an empty space behind my shelves in the closet but it turned out to be too big. So now it's just sitting in the closet as a mirror. It's not the nicest thing ever but it gets the job done.

8. White Collapsible Backdrop -- This is for the needlepoint/blog store as a picture backdrop when shooting products. I needed something BIG and this is definitely it. 

9. Gorilla Grip Rubber Door Mat -- We have this mat at our back door and garage as a good indoor/outdoor mat for the time being until we find something else. It's not the prettiest but it works really well!

10. Safavieh Bella Rug -- This is the rug I have in my office! It comes in a ton of shapes and sizes. I love the print. 

11. Mohawk Felt and Latex Rug Pad -- This is the rug under our dining room table. Since it was more permanent and was a bigger rug I wanted to "splurge" and get a nicer hardwood mat. I really like this one and it makes the rug a little more cushioned too.

12. Boxwood Ball Topiary Tree -- This is coming to me now but I thought for the price it was a great little piece of decor in the house. 

13. Roslynwood Navy Darkening Curtains -- These are the curtains I bought that my mom is going to hem for me!

home organization

Home Organization

1. Stori Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer -- I've been finding places to use these all over the house. Mainly to sort and store thread in the needlepoint office but it's also holding a lot of my electronic pieces that are a little too big for my other boxes.

2. mDesign Water Bottle Holder Stand -- I saw this on TikTok and bought it right away. Instead of placing your water bottles one in front of the other and making some hard to get to, these stack on top of one another and make it much easier to see what is what and grab what you need.

3. Iris USA Quart Stack & Pull Boxes -- Clear bins for organizing my life!!

4. Lazy Susan Turntable -- I bought this lazy susan to bring some style to my bathroom but it ended up being too big and now holds our spices in our pantry!

5. Pendaflex SureHook Hanging Box File -- Kind of boring but I bought these files for my file cabinet. I liked that they were thick and could hold a lot as well as having sides so things don't fall out as easily.

6. Firjoy Lazy Susan Turntable -- These are the lazy susans that I ended up keeping the bathroom for my open shelf areas. They have dividers, which I like because it separates each category of items but they can be taken out so you can use all the space you need. 

7. Novelinks Photo Storage Boxes -- I've been using these boxes for everythinnnnggg from photos to electronics to little nicknacks like 3M tape. It's nice they are clear and easy to stack and store. 

8. Kootek Drawer Organizer -- Ok out of everything on this list these may have been my favorite 
purchase. They are modular little drawer bins and surprisingly fit perfectly in just about any space you add them to. I've bought over three sets already and they are a game-changer. 

9. Accordion File Organizer -- I bought this for Andrew to keep all of our important documents that we got from the house, from moving and etc!

10. Hagerty Zippered Drawer Liner -- Now that I have space, I finally have our wedding flatware and needed a good place to store them. This came highly reviewed and wasn't too expensive.

11. Hanging File Folders -- I bought these just because they were pretty TBH.

12. Novelinks Photo Storage Boxes Multicolored -- These are the same boxes as above but colorful and come in a larger storage box!

13. Milolo Plastic Document Folders -- I've been using these for more important documents that I don't keep in my file cabinet. I like that they're clear so I can see what's in them easily.

14. YouCopia Pan and Lid Rack --We got this for over the oven to store our sheets and pans easier (vertically).

home improvement

Home Improvement

1. Magic Cleaning Sponge -- This is the same makeup as the Magic Eraser we all know and love but without a name brand and MUCH cheaper.

2. Folex Spot Carpet Cleaner -- EVERYONE has recommended this spot cleaner. I have yet to use it but I can't stop hearing about it. 

3. 3M Small Hole Repair -- I bought this for the apartment but it's been really great to use in the house too. It's a little 3-in-1 hole repair for walls.

4. Craftsman Utility Knife -- I've needed a box cutting knife for random stuff and bought this ina  2 pack.

5. Amaco Rub N' Buff Wax Metallic Finish -- I'm in a FB group that raves about this stuff. It's better than spray paint! You just add it to a surface (like a mirror edge) and can make it look gold.

6. Bondic Plastic Welding Starter Kit -- Another thing TikTok made me buy. Think gorilla glue of the future. 

7. Warner Paint Guide -- We've been using this to paint when we deal with edges, ceilings, and baseboards. 

8. Rubbermaid Steel Step Stool -- Random, again, but very much needed... often.

9. Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray -- THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. Idk why but it's awesome and works so well and I now love to clean the dishes because I get to use this. 

10. Shower Squeegee -- Got this for our new showers that have doors instead of curtains.

11. Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit -- I buy a new one of these for every place I go. Such a huge all-in-one help that has everything little you may need in a first aid kit

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