My Tips for Finding Items on Facebook Marketplace

My Tips for Finding Items on Facebook Marketplace

I'm back! Moving/unpacking has taken over my life but I'm kind of loving it. I love to organize and find new places for things. I've just never had space to do it all before. Now, space is not the issue. Now the issue is buying furniture and accessories to help fill the space. And one place I've been all over? Facebook Marketplace.

My Tips for Finding Items on Facebook Marketplace

If you haven't heard, FB Marketplace is basically like Craigslist but a lot better. People buy and sell just about everything imaginable on there, and it's where I've been finding a lot of items for our house. My plan is to find some well made, antique furniture to be centerpieces for each room and then go from there. My original plan was always to go antique shopping with my mom, but since that's not an option, I've been resorting to online auction sales, eBay, and FB marketplace.

I've been able to find some real diamonds in the rough, like the sideboard above. Trust me, there is a lot of not so great stuff on there too. But if you look often and search correctly, you can find some amazing items. 

While I've only been market-placing for a month now, I wanted to compile some tips that I've learned to help you guys find your own diamonds in the rough! 

1. Browse Often 

There is really no specific time that offers the best items. People upload at all hours of the day, so stay up to date and check it often. I'm not really on Facebook in general so it took some getting used to, but now I'm checking it more than Instagram. I usually look around 3-4x a day, maybe more if I'm really bored lol. I think the more you're on it and searching, the better the algorithm will get to know you and what you want.

2. Save Items 

Piggybacking off the last part, it's VERY important to save items whether you are going to buy them or not. This helps them learn (I know it sounds scary and annoying but it is what it is) what you are looking for, your style, and serve you with more recommended items. Obviously, make sure to only save the style of items that you like so it doesn't throw things off.

3. Search for a variety of terms 

Sometimes people use exact brands and model names, and other times they'll say "fabulous dresser!" so you really need to mix up your search. Say I'm searching for the sideboard above I'd look for things like "marble top" "sideboard" "french style sideboard" "antique wood dresser" and so on, hoping that one of the terms landed in their listing details. 

4. Expand and Edit Your Radius 

As long as you're willing to drive the distance, search as far as you can! I've been finding some amazing items out in Jersey that is now about 1-2 hours away. But if it's worth it, it's worth it. I also rarely ever use my zip code as the center. Because we're in Westchester every week, it's much easier for me to set our center in between where we live and my in-laws. I sometimes will also search in my area with a small radius, it just depends on how detailed I want to be. I really wish there was a draw your own map like Zillow! 

5. Be Smart with Messaging 

When you find an item you love, message to make sure it's still available but ALSO message them with pickup and payment details. Don't wait for them to respond. Say something like "Hi, is this sideboard still available? If so, will you take $100 for it? I can pick up and pay cash/venmo today!" Then they will know you're a serious buyer and are usually more likely to follow up with you. 

Also, be sure to follow up. If they don't reply or if they said it was sold to someone else but is still listed, just follow up with a "hey, I'm still interested" message. It's how I ended up getting our console table -- lots of following up and taking advantage of someone else's missed opportunity. 

6. Offer Same Day Pickup 

A BIG tip is to offer to pick up within a 24-hour window. Usually, people are listing these items to get them sold and off of their hands right away, so let them know that if they say yes, it's a done deal. I've lost out on a few items because I was too slow to pick up. If I need longer than a day, I usually tell them when and offer half of the payment as a hold

7. Know Something Better Will Always Come Along 

That is, if you end up missing out! I've missed a few items and something better was (or still is) just around the corner. Don't get too upset over it and if you decide it's something you can't live without, try and find something else on another resale site. 

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