Three Looks Under $100

Three Looks Under $100

Really excited for today's post with Nordstrom -- all and I mean all of the items I am wearing are under $100 and perfect for whatever kind of holiday season you're dressing for. Whether it is ~fancy~, dressed up, or casual, I have some great options for you to check out!!


Three Looks Under $100

Three Looks Under $100
Three Looks Under $100
Eyelash sweater / Faux Leather Pants / Earring Cuff Set

Sweater $79 

I have a soft spot for eyelash sweaters! They are so so soft and really fun to wear as they keep you relatively warm but also are thin enough to be more of a blouse than full chunky sweater. This one I especially love becuase of the off-the-shoulder neckline. It's one of those sweaters that just sits perfectly without any hassle!

Pants $99 

These are the most expensice item in today's post but something really unique and fun to wear. I ordered a M and L becuase I was worried about my hips but the pants were actually wildy kind of stretchy and were buttery soft. I can't explain it! I really love them although I worry they don't picture veyr well lol. I ended up keeping the M (I was swimming in the large!) and think these may be a top contender for Thanksgiving -- the stretchy back band is key

Earring Set $49 

This set of earring really caught my attenion and it turns out they were the perfect way to get the "cool girl" vibe without needing a multipule ear peircings! I wore the hoops and the cuff all day and love the simple edge it gives.

Three Looks Under $100
Three Looks Under $100

Beanie $59 

I love finding a good beanie for fall and winter and I ended up picking up this one in white and red! It's thin so it's super easy to wear. But don't expect it to give you much warmth!

Navy T-shirt $12 

You can't go wrong with a staple like this. At least not for $12! This tee comes in five colors and it's really just an easy, thin, and simple t-shirt to throw on and go whenver needed.

Sweatpants $49 

I had some high hopes for these sweatpants and they did NOT dissapoint. They are so unbelivelably soft. Like too soft to be sweatpants. I wish I would have gone with a darker color because I don't think they're as flattering as I'd want them to be on (these are more indoor sweats than outdoor) but I ended up keeping the medium pair and I am wearing them as we speak!

Slippers $29 

The fuzzy slipper trend has been EVERYWHERE as of late and I was feeling a little left out lol. So I picked up this white pair becuase of the price and good reviews and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like them. They are a little hard to just "slip on" as they are a lot of fluff, but once they are on they are supportive and really comfortable to wear. 

Three Looks Under $100
Three Looks Under $100
Three Looks Under $100

Sequin Blazer $89 

Ok, hear me out on this one. Sure a full sequins suit is a *bit* much BUT this blazer on it's own is actually really great and pretty versatile to dress just about any look up. I tested it with jeans, with plaid pants and with leggings and really enjoyed how it looked with everything. The inside is also fully lined so you don't feel any scratchy sequins at all!

Velvet Tank $29 

This comes in four colors and I am SO impressed by the quailty of this. Sometimes velvet can feel really cheap and can lay a little weird but not this tank! I got it in a size M and fits really well over my chest (even with a bra). I'm a little sad that you can barely see it in this picture, but it's a georgous layering peice for winter to add in some extra texture!

Sequins Pants $79 

Paperbag pants can be really hit or miss on my figure BUT I found that layering it with a thinner top (as opposed to a thick sweater) makes it a lot more flattering. These are super easy to wear which I was happy about and don't give any extra bulk around your waist/midsection which made me very happy!


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponosring today's post!

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  1. I am SO here for the sequin suit!!! Love these types of posts, Krista! Happy Thanksgiving Eve :)


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