Weekend Update: October 16

Weekend Update: October 16

Happy Friday! Another week in the books and just like that we're halfway through October. I have a feeling November is going to be crazyyyyy, but I'm really looking forward to it!

Weekend Update: October 16

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-How gorgeous is this wool coat? Currently on sale + extra sale (which is rare for this style)!

-I was influenced by my friends and bought this Our Place pan (they currently have a $30 off sale going on).

-These boots look almost identical to my boots in the picture above (that are sadly super old).

-Dudley Stephens just released some amazing fall colors and their newest turtleneck: the Greenpoint. It's the perfect in-between for those looking for a little extra length in the torso.

Best Sale of the Week: 

Antrhopolige is having a big 25% off sale for almost everything on their site!

Weekend Plans: 

I am off to find a jeweler! I've been without my monogram necklace for a little over a week and I honestly feel so naked. I keep going to grab or move it and I have a phantom feeling of it being there. I need to have it (and its backup) repaired, I want to set some earrings, add a charm to my bracelet, and fix a few other pairs of earrings. Who knew I had such a laundry list? Also this is how boring my life is right now: the thought of getting out and going to the jeweler is the highlight of my weekend lol. We'll be doing other stuff, but nothing out of the norm or fun enough to report on lol.

A Must Watch: 

Andrew and I just finished New Girl and we are so sad. It was SUCH an amazing show and I can't believe it's over! If you have recommendations for another good comedy show that's a half-hour, please let me know below. We've watched all the big ones like Friends, Seinfeld, Schitt's Creek, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office... 

Most Popular Item of the Week: FAR and away, this sweater. It may have just secured the top spot of best seller of the year. And it is currently on sale for $48!

What Made Me Happy: It can be hard to set boundaries online, but with yesterday's post, my request was to not send a hateful message to me if you disagreed. And guess what, everyone listened! I didn't get a *single* mean message. I got one that was kind of weird, but overall not outright mean and that is a huge success. I was kind of shocked, ready to feel down throughout the day, but WOW you guys are amazing. I wanted to thank everyone who sent through words of affirmation and kind messages. It really meant a lot to me. I'm always so thankful for the community we have built together. 

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