Ask Me About Needlepoint!

Ask Me About Needlepoint!

For anyone who may not have heard, I'm opening a needlepoint store on September 14th (which is coming up very soon!!) and I'm so excited. The purpose of the store is to bring my own ideas and items to life, but also to help bring others (like you!) into the world of needlepoint. 

I want the site to be a place for all needlepointers (new and old) to come to have a safe space to ask questions, to learn new things, to try out something new ... everything! There are a lot of resources out there to help learn and practice your skills but I wanted to find a fun new way to share things (read: a lot of videos) and a cleaner and more organized place to learn (so many websites from the early 2000's out there!).

Ask Me About Needlepoint!

And while I am in no way a pro, I thought it would be fun to learn together, to share what I know and to help anyone learn to love needlepoint.

So with that, I have a few requests for you...

1. What do you want to know, learn, or get better at? Do you want to know the basic terms? How to get started? How to switch thread colors? How to stitch different designs?

2. Who do you want to hear from, learn about, get to know? Store owners, other designers, avid needlepointers? Do you want to learn how they paint, how they got started, who to follow, and where to shop? What about how to finish a canvas?

3. What do you want to know about Penny Linn Designs? Ask me anything about the store, about the process of getting started, the products, the canvases, details about the opening, offerings, etc!

If you could answer these in the comments below (or feel free to email me if that is better -- krista@pennylinndesigns.com) I would seriously love you forever!! Just note 1. 2. and 3. with your answers so I can keep them organized. Remember to be as detailed as possible and no question is off-limits or too small/big. This will be super helpful AND I will make sure it's covered and answered!

AND to make it a little more fun and enticing, I'll offer a $100 GC and early access to the shop on launch day! So just make sure to leave either your IG handle or email address so I can get in touch with you!!

Thank you so so so much!!!!


  1. 1. I would love to learn how to do different background stitches, or different common mistakes and how to fix them

    2. I’d love to learn more about different canvas designers like BadBitchNeedlepoint, I love her NYC inspired canvases. I’d love to learned more about finishing, either how to do it myself or the best places to send something to get finished and the best needlepoint shops in NYC

    3. How do you decide which canvases to paint, where you get your inspiration and also how to learn to paint your own canvas / tips for free handing. Tips for saving money on the hobby since canvases and kits can tend to be a little expensive

    Thank you and so excited for this topic! My email is Smith.jordane@gmail.com

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  3. I am SO excited for PLD to open! I have exactly ZERO experience with needle point and became interested in starting it as a hobby after seeing you and Carly feature it on your insta stories. I just graduated from Physical Theraly school, and now that I have some free time, I am ready to hit the ground running. Holding out to purchase supplies until PLD opens! Perfect timing!

    1. Some of the things that most intimidate me about starting needle point are as follows: How do you start a canvas? When you are finished with one color, how do you stop it and start another? Do you have to switch stitches in the middle of a project or can you complete an entire project with one stitch type? If you mess up, can you backtrack and redo or is your mistake stuck in your project forever?

    2. I think you should feature Carly and Mackenzie and other bloggers who needlepoint on the side! I would be interested to hear more about how they got started needlepointing and hear their perspectives about getting started and progressing along the way!

    3. No questions about PLD. I am just SO excited and literally counting down the days til you launch!! I am such a huge fan of yours and have followed you for a long time! I am thrilled to be able to support you in this endeavor!

    Thanks in advance! And best of luck!

  4. I would like to know how to keep the back neat. At the end of a project it is horrible. Do you do all colors at once? Do you stop and start again at a “gap” in stitches.

  5. Thanks. Can’t wait for your shop

  6. 1. I would love to know some basics on how to get started! I am so interested in beginning but definitely intimidated by all of the advanced people out there ��

    2. I would love to hear from other avid needle pointers and to learn more about how they got started/tips & tricks.

    3. Do you have a post already about how you got started/ what canvas items are best to start with for beginners etc?

    Thanks so much ���� also
    my IG handle is maddie76xx ��

  7. How do you decide which stitch to go with? I bought one canvas but have yet to get thread or needles for it. Can I use my tapestry needles? I have some for cross stitch but don’t know if they are interchangeable! So excited for the new store!! @arlynn_baer

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  9. 1. What do you want to know, learn, or get better at? I think it would be super helpful to have a beginner 101 page with videos, suggested canvases, tools needed, basic stitches and then maybe intermediate and advanced so as people work up to new levels they know the next place to start! Advanced could be tips on how to paint your own canvases and then supplies you can offer to do that.

    2. Who do you want to hear from, learn about, get to know? Other suggested stores at varying price points would be great! I feel like the sites and designers that exist are hard to find and some of the patterns aren't that chic. I have combed through Etsy but just don't know where to begin there is too much to look through.

    3. What do you want to know about Penny Linn Designs? I want to know everything! How you got started, what made you decide to open a store front, what are your future plans for this!

    Email: rebecca (dot) dennee (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. 1. I’d love to see some ideas of how you select different stitches to spice up your projects (I’m all continental so far, but would love to try my hand at something new soon!). Also, any tips on how to keep a canvas from unraveling at the edges when it doesn’t come with finishing tape?

    2. I’d be really interested in any creative ideas for self-finishing (bonus points for finishing on a budget)!

    3. I love all the previews you’ve shared so far. Any plans for a cute threader in the works?

    Cannot wait for the official launch!
    Instagram: @jacqueline_kp
    E-mail: jacquelinekpearce@gmail.com

  11. 1. I would love to learn how to pick stitches, especially for the backgrounds. And how to adapt a stitch based on the shape of the design. Why are brick covers so popular?? I don’t understand!

    2. I would love to hear from needlepointers and finishers about their favorite finishes, how they decide how to finish a canvas, etc. I need help envisioning canvases as finished items beyond the usual pillows, framed, brick covers, or acrylic trays.

    3. What was the design process like for your canvases, needleminder, scissors, project bags, etc. I’m curious about this process! And how you’re keeping it affordable.

    I’m looking forward to your shop opening! Thank you! chogan@gatech.edu

  12. I am beyond excited for you shop to open! It was love at first sight when you first posted the Ralph's cup, ahah!!

    1. I have been stitching since January, but still feel like beginner who only knows a few basic stitches! I would love some easy to follow video tutorials on basics and how to get more complex with your stitches. Maybe how to keep your stitch hobby more affordable too, ahah.

    2. Resources for finishing a canvas would be great! Also, I love shopping from small shops and other designers, so maybe a page with links to a bunch would be fun! And maybe a PLD needlepoint community/facebook group or something like that! Zoom stitch happy hours haah!

    3. I really want to know any and everything about opening an inventory based small business, and process of running it. A look into your creative brain, and why you went for specific collections would be very interesting, as well!


    IG: @libbylovespearls / @libbylovesstitching

  13. I’m really interested in the history of needlepoint! Could you discuss a little more about your history of needlepoint and how you learned.

  14. Ahh! This is so exciting! A while back, I had messaged you on Instagram that I was thinking about taking up needlepoint as a hobby after I finished my Ph.D. I’m proud to report that I did just that! I’m still a total novice, but I’m hooked, and I can’t wait for PLD to open!

    1) I’d love to learn how to do different stitches and how to know what stitches to use when. I’m also really interested in learning how to switch colors more efficiently, so the back of my canvas isn’t atrocious.

    2) I’d love to know what accounts I should follow and where to get cute canvases (besides PLD, of course!) I’m also really interested in learning how to finish canvases. I’ve seen some adorable ornaments and would love to be able to make them myself after I finish a canvas!

    3) I’m excited to learn more about how you paint the canvases and how you choose what designs to paint!

    I can’t wait for PLD to open! Thanks so much for doing this!

    Email: meschutz92 [at] gmail [dot] com

  15. Ewelina (Instagram: egadek_)September 2, 2020 at 1:12 PM

    1. I already cross stitch so I would love to learn basic needlepoint terms, stitches, and how it is different from cross stitching.

    2. I’d like to learn about the process from start to finish: painting through finishing!

    3. What kind of products will you offer? Will you do classes? I think classes (especially in a virtual environment), could be really fun!

  16. So so excited for your shop to open!!

    1. As a beginner (just started stitching again after not doing a project for years) do you have tips and tricks for the different types of stitches and how you choose to use them? How do you select your threads, accessories, etc. Any and all advice would be appreciated!!

    2. Would love to know what inspires other needlepointers and canvas makers (from both large and small accounts) And if there are known needlepoint groups in local areas/ an online community to stitch and grow together!

    3. Everything! What inspired you to start your own store/ create your own canvases? Will there be holiday pieces? Any collaborations with other needlepointers/ influencers in the works (if you can share)? Again, can’t wait to shop in a few weeks and am so happy for you!!!


    (IG: @thepreppymermaid ; email: preppymermaidblog@gmail.com )

  17. 1. What made you want to start your own shop?
    2. How do you start choosing thread colors for your designs?
    3. What are you favorite threads for both 13 and 18 mesh?


  18. 1) I would love to know more about how you choose to finish projects and select who will finish your projects. I recently picked this up as a hobby during quarantine and haven’t made the jump to have my canvases finished yet. Would appreciate all feedback!

    2) I would love to hear from other modern designers about their inspiration and how they decide on their canvas designs. Additionally it would be great to feature LNS owners regarding their advice to kitting, approaching projects, etc.

    3) I would love to know how you decide on what to paint and the size and scale. I’m so impressed with how you can design with such detail. Additionally I would be interested in learning about the business side and what prompted you to launch your own company!

    Congrats again on your launch! Very excited for you!

    @dmbneedlepoint on IG

  19. I started needlepointing because of you. I truthfully did not know of needlepointing prior to you stitching your wedding ring pillow. So excited to see this transformation for you!

    1. I would love to learn how to do different thread designs and how to transition them. Even potentially how to needlepoint directly on fabric (using waste canvas or alternate methods).
    2. Finishers! Omg having to try my hand at finishing my first two projects since finishers through my LNS are booked through the first of the year. I think it would be cool to have tips/tricks of the trade, or have them do tutorials on how to finish different types of pieces. Tips on how to paint canvases more efficiently would be awesome as well.
    3. Process of getting started, i.e. the steps you took to start your own online needlepoint shop.

    IG: charley_mcgill

  20. Super excited for you friend! Have been loving our needlepoint chats!

    1. Would love to learn how to add fun backgrounds to basic canvas designs (whether it’s painting a background or doing a fun stitch)!

    2. Needlepoint journeys and how people have evolved since learning.

    3. What’s been the hardest thing for you to work through as you’ve started to conceptualize your shop!

    Congrats buddy! Alcald6 {at} gmail {dot} com
    IG: @thepreppyginger

  21. 1. I would love to know your best advice for beginners, where should we start?!
    IG- @ericasfitlife

  22. So excited for your shop to launch!

    1. I am very into cross stitch but am interested in dipping my toes into needlepoint (hopefully my first canvas will be one of yours!). How similar/different are they and will I be able to catch onto needlepoint quickly since I already cross stitch?
    2. With that, would it be possible for your designs to be converted to cross stitch patterns for us to purchase as well? Would love to support PLD even if I don’t love needlepoint as much as cross stitch!


  23. How to find someone to “finish” your projects?

    What are common mistakes newbies have?

  24. Very excited for you and for the launch!

    3. I would love to know more about getting starting and sourcing products!


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  26. I can't wait for your shop to open! I am super excited! Here are some questions I have:

    1. What is the go-to resources for any needlepointer (old and new)?

    2. I'd love to hear from other up and coming designers, how they got started and any tips to painting your own canvases. Also, would love to know any innovative/creative ideas on how to finish canvases.

    3. How did you figure out which products (outside of canvases) you wanted in your shop?


  27. I just completed my first needlepoint from eye of the needle today (I got the inspiration/recommendation of the store from your insta!) I am SO beginner—what the heck do you do with they extra fibers when you complete a row? �� thanks! Sheila @shera1022

  28. I just started up doing needlepoint again after probably 20 years, and I am so excited for your new store/site!
    1. I would like to know more about what stitches to use where, and how to decide what threads (cotton, silk etc.) to use on a canvas.
    2. It would be great to hear from experienced stitchers, and know where to get supplies (if we can't them all from you), including the best books on needlepoint.
    3. I would love to know how you got started doing this (the back story!) Thanks!

  29. 1. I want to know the basics and how to get started! How is a canvas created like the beginning?

    2. I’d like to hear from you but also avid needle pointers. How they got started and who to follow!

    3. How do you come to the conclusion of what to offer?? Do you think this could be a full time business??

    Love it all! Congrats girl!


  30. I love cross stitching and I’ve been wanting to get more info needlepointing and embroidering! My main interest is painting your own patterns, where do you begin??

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  32. 1. I’d love to learn more background stitches and how to finish and frame things on your own!
    2. I’d love to hear from other needlepoint artists and finishers.
    3. How long have you known you’d start penny linn? Will you be painting all the canvases yourself !?



  33. 1. I want to learn everything about Needlepoint! Since seeing your posts I have gone total needlepoint crazy and started looking at all the sellers and Instagram pages with needlepoint projects and have become obsessed. Its inspiring to see how creative everyone is. When I was little my grandma taught me how to cross-stitch and I have loved and enjoyed that with her for many years. Recently I've been looking for new things and skills to add to my sewing bag and sewing collection and I think I found it!

    2. I want to hear more form you and who got you interested into needlepointing. I would also love to see finishings. I see all these lovely canvases and prints but would love to see the final finished creations. However I'm getting a bit ahead of myself... I first need to learn how to get started!

    3. Were you nervous to launch this business? Whats the biggest thing you have learned so far? Can you share your favorite canvas/project to date?

    PS: I'm so excited I have launch day marked in my planner!
    IG: michalski.melissa

  34. 1. I want to learn new stitches for sure! But mostly I want to learn technique! I feel a little awkward still holding the canvas and stuff like that so I’d love to see like stitch along videos of how you do it! Like start to finish or most of it anyways.
    2. I would love to hear about where to shop!! Where to find threads! I don’t have a LNS so I need alllll the good deets about where to buy the best canvas and threads!
    3. I want to know EVERYTHING about PLD!!! I’m so dang excited for this store. Yours so relatable and so brilliant with your designs. I seriously am waiting on the edge of my seat waiting for you store to open. I’d love to know more about your design and painting provider start to finish!!! Share it all girl!

    So pumped for this opening so I can buy allllll the things!!! Best of luck and def let me know when you’re hiring!!!
    IG: @jennakaywhetstone

  35. I cannot wait for Penny Linn Designs to launch! You inspired me to pick up needlepoint at the beginning of quarantine and I have fallen in love with it. It has been so helpful for my mental health during this rough time and I don't know what I would have done without it. It is fun and relaxing and I now spend more time looking at needlepoint Instagram accounts than my own friends' accounts ��

    Some things I'm dying to know:
    1. How do you choose what stitch to use for each canvas? As a newbie, I don't know too many but I struggle to picture how different ones will look on the canvas. Haven't frogged one yet but I know it's coming! Also, how do you pick threads? I haven't had a chance to go into an actual needlepoint store due to quarantine (also essentially none come up in NY-area searches!), so I've been sticking with kits but would love to know how you choose your colors.

    2. Hearing from LNS owners and other designers would be amazing. I've watched a couple Pointing it Out podcasts and they have been fascinating! Tutorials are also super helpful so hearing from experts on anything from finishing a canvas to teaching stitches (dying to learn french knots!) would be great.

    3. Please continue with your behind-the-scenes IG stories! I love seeing how everything is coming together and the time lapse videos are really fun to watch. Would love a blog post on the challenges or tasks that you have had to tackle as a designer/small business in this community that a regular needlepointer wouldn't ever think of (i.e. how you source blank canvas, how 13/18 mesh impacts your designs). Would also be so curious to know if you're bringing on anyone to help? Know it's tricky right now so are you tackling it yourself or sticking with friends and family? (I would definitely volunteer to help if a friend started a needlepoint business!)

    Can't wait for September 14th!


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