Weekend Update: July 31

A little snap of Andrew and I! Going to be so weird to look back on this time and see all the masks. You'd never even know Andrew has a MUSTACHE now!! Hahaha I think I talked him into it, and you know what? I don't hate it. Will you ever see it? Who knows!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-Ok how cute is this eyelet blouse!! I'm a literal sucker for anything white and eyelet lol. While we're here, add this dress to the list.

-This green leaf print midi dress is calling my name for summer.

-This pack of face masks is SO CUTE. Why is no one talking about this?? Only $18!!

-I can't tell if this blue and white dress would be super cute or super weird, but I think I like it

-My favorite Lilly skirt has just dropped in fun new prints! Trying to resist the urge to buy them all. 

Best Sale of the Week: J. Crew is having a 25% off everything and 72% off sale which ends tomorrow.

Weekend Plans: Needlepointing!! Watching movies, vegging out, and hopefully packing up some Poshmark orders. I'm listing a ton of things on my account throughout the day today (username is @kristalinn14). When all is said and done I will look to donate 10% of my profits to a BLM charity! 

A Must Listen: This is going to be *so random* but I found this mix of Green Day and Megan Thee Stallion's Savage and it SLAPS. Every time I put it on I just bop around the apartment. And speaking of TikTok music, this song called Heartbreak Hotel is SO GOOD. She promoted it on TikTok first and now it's about to hit the charts!

Most Popular Item of the Week: The Tommy John smoothing bra. A lot of you have been getting your orders in and it has made me SO HAPPY that you guys love these bras as much as I do. I take all of my bra recommendations very seriously and I cannot say enough good things about this bra. 

What Made Me Happy: Honestly, just connecting with you guys this week. It's been a weird and rough past couple of weeks and I've just felt super off and really down. I think life is just taking its toll. I took some time away from my phone and IG and when I came back, the messages from you guys, and the girl talk I was able to have really helped make things a little better. It may seem dumb but it reminded me that I'm not so alone. It's been hard when you can't really see your family or friends. 

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