Postcards from Brigantine

I cannot begin to explain how much this vacation was needed for my mental health! Just being able to be away from our routine and the city... it has been amazing.

And I recognize my privilege in being able to get away (safely) somewhere near a beach -- and I don't take it for granted. But we've been taking every precaution and it's actually why we're down here for so long, Andrew's parents combined their rental weeks so we could do it all at once and lessen any risk of infection. It's been weird -- it's like things are normal but then you catch yourself and realize they're not. 

Andrew's family for 20+ years has come down to the shore during the summer to get away. It's a super small little beach town outside of Atlantic City and about a 3-hour drive from NYC/Westchester. I love it here. The town itself is great, but I think it's just the fact that we're all here together is what makes it so special. Being able to be with Andrew in his happy place, with his family, playing games, vegging out, watching movies... it's just been a really fun past week and I'm so excited we have another full week ahead of us!

So I just wanted to share what I've been up to the past week. Most you've seen already on IG but committing them to the internet forever with this post. I'm pulling out all the stops with this ~ lewks ~ because I literally have had zero reasons to get dressed for the past four months and it makes me happy to do so. 

Our first day at the beach! I've been pulling out all the sun hats. 1 -- it helps hide my beach hair and 2 -- I  am so strict about suncare and protection.

Hat c/o / Sunglasses (old Celine) / Swimsuit / Shorts / Earrings 

This has become my throw on for every occasion dress. It's so easy to wear. I like to throw it on after the outdoor shower, after I self-tan, or just for dinner when I don't really feel like wearing anything crazy. 

I got this blanket in right before we left and it has not left my side since. I'm a blanket girl and this has been one of the best blankets I've ever owned. It's a great size, it'll keep you warm without overheating, it's super soft, thick... I mean the list just goes on. I've been like a kid carrying it around with me everywhere I go. 

At the beach (and after dinner, in the mornings at the house, whenever I can) I've been stitching!! I'm starting to get everything together for my coming launch in September. All the stuff below will be for sale soon. I've been having the best time with it all. You can sign up for a notification when the site launches here!

Ok this is THE BEST acai bowl place ever, ever. I literally crave it in the city. It's hard to not go every single day!!

This is my *fancy lady* look and I don't care what people have to say about it!! I love it. Summersalt sent me a few items for the beach and I've totally become a convert. I am OBSESSED with their swimsuits -- like seriously I've never felt better in a one-piece! It's so slimming and flattering. And the pants are never something I would have bought on my own and I don't think I could love them more. Yes to everything honestly. You can use KRISTA10 for $10 off your order

Swimsuit c/o / Pants c/o / Hat / Bag

Another fun present was this package from Minuty Rose! Minuty is actually one of my favorite summer Rose brands because it's so light and easy to drink. They reached out randomly to send some bottles along and I was all about it. We also brought some reusable cups from home that Centre Point sent along -- vacation is usually pretty wasteful in terms of plastic and garbage so Andrew and I are trying to make small changes like reusable cups for the beach!

Another day another hat and swimsuit combo. This is a favorite visor of mine because I can wear my hair up with it!! But it's also a bit of an investment so I found this one from Brixton that is much more affordable. And this swimsuit is sadly sold out but I still love to wear it. It's very "me" and it feels so good on.

Hat / Swimsuit c/o

 Another day another needlepoint/hat/swimsuit combo for ya. I love how one pieces pair with shorts so well. It's like a top all on it's own! Summersalt also sent this piece along and I just cannot get enough. I think I'm going to need one of everything soon...

Hat / Swimsuit c/o / Shorts / Earrings / Shoes (similar)

My first official outing since March! We went down to the boardwalk for dinner and I didn't *love* being out and about but we made it through and everyone had a good time -- which is the most important part! I was just excited to fake a reason to dress up. I've been longing to wear some of my new summer clothes and I will jump at any excuse to wear them. So I did and I really loved my outfit!

Dress c/o / Shoes (similar) / Bag c/o / Earrings 

We've also been getting some pretty epic sunsets -- this was last night!

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