My Athletic Skort Haul (Try On + Review)

I've been really trying to make #SkortSeason a thing this year because THEY ARE BACK. I mean I don't really know if they ever left but for me... they are back. And in a big way. 


I think I found athletic skorts three years ago(?) when my friend Morgan let me borrow one of hers for golf. I somehow ended up keeping it for longer than I was planning and brought it to Disney so a way to look cute but still be comfortable.

Because let's face it, shorts STINK! They ride up and just make me feel meh about my thighs. So I avoid them. Skirts, on the other hand, flatter my figure and help me pull off a cute and girly look that not only is comfortable but functional. So long story short, Morgan ended up giving me the skirt to keep (ty Morgs!!) and I started my search for great skorts.

You'll see more below but my favorite brands are Nike, Lilly Pulitzer, and Outdoor Voices for skorts. I'm a Medium (normally wear a 6/8/28 in pants) in every single skirt I own and I'm 5'6 and found that I prefer a 13-14" skirt length. I love and strive to always find a high waisted skort -- ideally one with some compression to it!

Below are all the current skorts I own. To see them in action, head over to my IG stories today. I'll be reviewing them in video and you are able to see more differences in each skirt than is shown in the photos. I also share what I look for in skorts in terms of top band and length!


Ah, my first love... Nike skorts are some of the best. They're just so easy to wear. No frills, no zippers, compartments, extra layers, anything! Just a simple, basic athletic skort. The issue is they're all older styles, from eBay and have no style names or numbers on them. The last one at the bottom (the white) was the one from Morgan and the rest were bought because they looked similar to that one. 

I bought every single one of these from eBay and you can too! Places like eBay, threadUP, and Poshmark would be perfect for finding the best Nike skort for your collection. I always start with a general search of "Nike Dri Fit Skort" and go from there. I always look for a larger waistband and pay attention to the length. Anything over like 15" I avoid because it's just too long.

I never search for tennis vs golf because I'm just not sure which ones I like or prefer. I feel like they're the same thing but who knows. There are a ton of styles out there from Nike, but none that I've found that are current on bigger retail sites. Unsure why but if you want to find some of your own I seriously suggest eBay!

While I am not new to Outdoor Voices, I am brand new to their skorts! When I asked you guys on stories about skorts, so many of you recommended OV as a brand to check out so I did and WOW I am in love. These skirts are seriously amazing and the green one below is actually my new favorite skort I own.

I always feel good wearing skorts but I feel good wearing this skort. I've also, in the past, have been pretty against any extra frills like pockets, hidden pockets or zippers. I just want to throw on a skort and go, but this I'm really in to. The extra components of the skort don't take away from anything or get in the way -- they're actually kind of helpful!! There is also a ton of great compression that comes with OV pieces. They hold you in and let you go in all the right places -- and I like that the back is a little longer than the front!

This is a new skort I was gifted recently and it's totally different than the rest. This feels a lot more casual in the material than the others and its a lot thicker! You can also tell a big difference in compression (little to none) as well as the overall top band style. It's a great skirt overall and I love the contrast trim. Sad they don't have more inclusive sizing :/

Another brand everyone suggested was Lululemon. I'm a really big fan of Lulu so I was pretty excited for these to come in. Their styles are much more unique than the rest and similar to OV, have a ton of compartments and extras. BUT I didn't like them -- at all. The outside skirts were great but the actual short portion of the skort SUCKED. At least for me. They had these like grips on the bottom seam of the shorts -- I assume so they don't rise up -- but they were SO uncomfortable. I cringe even thinking of it.

I didn't take any photos because I seriously hated having them on but I showcase them on stories so be sure to check that part out! I may be in the minority but I just don't want that on my shorts. It was like tight almost and made my legs feel like squeezed sausages. 


And finally, we have Lilly Pulitzer! They have a great line of Luxeletic and some seriously cute athletic skorts. What I love most about these is the fact that they are more stylish than the rest. They come in great colors and designs. They also have longer options for those looking for more coverage in terms of length. The skorts hold up super well and are really easy to throw on and wear. The second pair are some of my all-time favorites to wear.


WHEW! And that's all of them. I've been scouting out a few more on Amazon, Walmart, and Target for some more affordable price points but for now, this is where we're at! If you have recommendations for other brands to check out, please let me know below.


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