Weekend Update: June 19

Happy Friday! Please petition to your local government and workplace to make Juneteenth a national holiday. You can also sign the petition here.

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-Just snagged this wicker shell purse from Topshop! It's adorable.

-The CUTEST blue and white print swimsuit from Summersalt (also comes in pink and a two-piece set!)

-LoveShackFancy restocked their masks. They are $20 and have some super cute prints.

-I DO NOT need this top in another print!!! But maybe I do???? #help

-I'm starting to like shorts (idk why lol) and I have my eye on these white eyelet ones and these high rise embroidered knot ones

Weekend Plans: I'm going to see Ashby today!! Her wedding is on for 7/11 and she's coming over to shop my closet. Andrew and I decided that it was probably best for us not to go, which is really sad, but I'm happy I'll be able to send her off with some killer accessories and ~lewks~ for her big day. Then we'll probably head up to Westchester for the latter half of the weekend to be with Andrew's fam. Overall lowkey but looking forward to getting back to what was once my old life. 

A Must Read: What is Juneteenth? A very informative and good article about what today is and what it means. Please, if you click on anything today make it this! Inform yourself. Before this month I had no idea what it was, and I assume a lot of you are in the same boat.

A Must Listen: 1619 podcast from the NYT. I know I mentioned this last week but I was able to finish the podcast over the weekend and it is so good. I HIGHLY recommend it. I then chose to learn more about the topics covered: presidential history, the economics of slavery as it relates to American industries, music, and healthcare. It's a great listen!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This white eyelet dress from Target. Currently in stock in all sizes and just $45! (pictured above)

What Made Me Happy: I was able to make some of my favorite Schitt's Creek quotes into canvases this week. I'm finding that painting has really been cathartic for me and giving me time to process and think more about everything. Idk is that weird? I have to take a break because I'm losing feeling in my pinky and ring finger but I'm happy I ended the week with a bang (you can see the canvases here!)
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