Weekend Update: March 27

All days have officially blended together. While I'm glad today is Friday, does it really make that big a difference?? LOL please tell me I am not alone in this.

Dress (on sale with an additional 20% off making it about 55% off!) -- runs big size down! / Hat (under $45) / Shoes (similar)

Five Items I Have My Eye On:
-This off-white denim (from a new favorite brand!)
-What looks to be a super comfy pullover (now 50% off)
-One of my favorite Lilly dresses (which is now on sale for 30% off) comes in LIGHT BLUE and I love
-The new Periwinkle color from Dudley Stephens is to die for
-Say hello to my new favorite earrings: GINGER JARS

Best Sale of the Week: Lilly Pulitzer is having a 30% off Friends and Family sale! You can see my top picks here! And honorable mention that Lisi Lerch is having a 30% off jewelry sale as well!

Weekend Plans: I know I need to get back into shooting for the blog (I've been taking time off to get my bearings, but also because I still have a ton of Palm Beach content)! I also want to clean up the apartment and get things out as it's starting to get cramped. Andrew also wants to film a Q&A together and overall wants to contribute to the blog more. Maybe we can create content together this weekend. I also assume there will be lots of movies, games, and food in our future weekend plans.

A Must Watch: Have you guys started watching Tiger King on Netflix? It's a docuseries that is WILD. Like insane. Everyone is crazy in a what-the-F-is-going-on kind of way. Andrew and I started it last night and after two episodes we looked at each other like WTF did we just watch.

A Must Read: Well this isn't technically a read BUT I created a Facebook group, and I'd love for you to join (girls only). I wanted to start it as an accountability group for working out. But it has also turned into a safe, fun place to chat with you guys, hear more about you, and have a real conversation. I'm loving it so far!

Most Popular Item of the Week: The 90's cheeky denim from Everlane!!

My Amazon Purchases:
-An extra-long charging cord so we can have a plug for the living room and desk. It's the little things, y'all!
-I ordered a ton of chips lolol
-Sliders to complete our at-home gym (kidding ... but not really)
-A PRINTER!!!! Wow the 2000's called and they want their stuff back
-This Nantucket puzzle that we did in less than a day...
-Andrew picked up two board games: Ticket to Ride and Villainous, which are great two-player games

What Made Me Happy: Dixie's takeover yesterday was a lot of fun. The positive feedback from you guys was AMAZING and I'm so appreciative of you.


  1. Love the yellow! Friday definitely still matters if you’re working, even if it’s remotely!! The work days blend together and a weekend, even a quiet one inside, is a nice break!

    1. I agree, TGIF is even more so now! Working and managing a 3 yo - I don't think I've seen my husband all week and we are all in the same house ahahahah :)

  2. Keep the PB content coming because it is amazing! This outfit deserves all the hand clapping emojis, lol. Have a good weekend, Krista (and Andrew+Dixie)!! :)



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