Weekend Update: March 27

All days have officially blended together. While I'm glad today is Friday, does it really make that big a difference?? LOL please tell me I am not alone in this.

Dress (on sale with an additional 20% off making it about 55% off!) -- runs big size down! / Hat (under $45) / Shoes (similar)

Five Items I Have My Eye On:
-This off-white denim (from a new favorite brand!)
-What looks to be a super comfy pullover (now 50% off)
-One of my favorite Lilly dresses (which is now on sale for 30% off) comes in LIGHT BLUE and I love
-The new Periwinkle color from Dudley Stephens is to die for
-Say hello to my new favorite earrings: GINGER JARS

Best Sale of the Week: Lilly Pulitzer is having a 30% off Friends and Family sale! You can see my top picks here! And honorable mention that Lisi Lerch is having a 30% off jewelry sale as well!

Weekend Plans: I know I need to get back into shooting for the blog (I've been taking time off to get my bearings, but also because I still have a ton of Palm Beach content)! I also want to clean up the apartment and get things out as it's starting to get cramped. Andrew also wants to film a Q&A together and overall wants to contribute to the blog more. Maybe we can create content together this weekend. I also assume there will be lots of movies, games, and food in our future weekend plans.

A Must Watch: Have you guys started watching Tiger King on Netflix? It's a docuseries that is WILD. Like insane. Everyone is crazy in a what-the-F-is-going-on kind of way. Andrew and I started it last night and after two episodes we looked at each other like WTF did we just watch.

A Must Read: Well this isn't technically a read BUT I created a Facebook group, and I'd love for you to join (girls only). I wanted to start it as an accountability group for working out. But it has also turned into a safe, fun place to chat with you guys, hear more about you, and have a real conversation. I'm loving it so far!

Most Popular Item of the Week: The 90's cheeky denim from Everlane!!

My Amazon Purchases:
-An extra-long charging cord so we can have a plug for the living room and desk. It's the little things, y'all!
-I ordered a ton of chips lolol
-Sliders to complete our at-home gym (kidding ... but not really)
-A PRINTER!!!! Wow the 2000's called and they want their stuff back
-This Nantucket puzzle that we did in less than a day...
-Andrew picked up two board games: Ticket to Ride and Villainous, which are great two-player games

What Made Me Happy: Dixie's takeover yesterday was a lot of fun. The positive feedback from you guys was AMAZING and I'm so appreciative of you.

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