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Hi, I'm Dixie. I'm a cat ... a Calico to be specific. Fun fact: Calicoes can only be female!

First, a little more about Calicoes before we jump into things. Calicoes are notoriously pretty bitchy and don't like many people outside of their owner. Liking two people is a stretch, but I've come to do it for my parents.  Calicoes are sassy, spunky, and pretty independent. But we are also fiercely loyal. If you mess with my parents ... well, that stinks for them. I'm still a cat; not a guard dog.

I'm almost nine years old and coming into the prime of my life. I was born sometime in the summer of 2011 in Kentucky. My grandfather likes to say this makes me a true Kentucky Wildcat. Although my birthdate is unknown, we celebrate it on May 30th. May is my mom's birthday month so it just makes sense.
And while it may be debated, the story I like to tell at the water bowl is that I was born in the attic of a retirement home. I was one of the few of my litter to survive. I was attacked and lost my eye. Someone turned me over to a veterinary clinic, and they were going to euthanize me. It was unclear if I was able to survive on my own at such a young age with all the trauma and damage my body had gone through.

Image may contain: 1 person
Image may contain: 1 person
Thankfully, a wonderful helper at the office offered to take care of me. Her name was Nicole. She is a champion to all animals around the world and is the reason I am still here today. Did I mention Calicoes also get sappy? While she was amazing, she wasn't able to keep me long term and started reaching out to friends to see if they could take me in. Kittens were an easy sell but the whole one-eyed thing was not. 
I met my mom, you guys know her as Krista, one night in Nicole's apartment. I turned on the charm and fell asleep in her arms and from there it was all over. She decided to keep me and take care of my eye. She wanted to name me Cally but Nicole wouldn't let her. 

There are many great stories of my childhood. I was a rambunctious little kitten who liked to use her claws for everything. Here are some of my favorite memories from Lexington:
I once jumped up in the closet, grabbing onto Lilly Pulitzer dresses with my claws as I hung in mid-air. It was awesome. Mom then forever shut me out of the closet.
I practiced my acrobatics and parkour by jumping from my infamous white chair (more on that below) to my grandmother's back, again letting my claws catch me as I go.
One time I found a hidden hole in the corner of the kitchen baseboard and decided to climb inside. Of course I got stuck and my mom really freaked out. We almost had to call the fire department. Thankfully, the landlord let us break the baseboards.
I used to bring my mom treats (bugs) on her pillow. I did it out of love, but she never was appreciative so I stopped.
My eye seemed to care for itself as I got older (thank goodness because I was having to be held down every day so my mom could put ointment in it). However, I di have complications with my surgery when I got spayed, so I have scar tissue that hangs down :( People make fun of me for being fat, but I promise you I'm not. My head is just very small because of my one eye, which stunted the growth of my head. I look disproportionate. 
We drove from Lexington to Chicago one year since I was too small to be left alone, and I screamed the entire eight hours in the car. It was scary!! I only felt safe on my mom's shoulder and she wouldn't let me sit there. Although I did break her down and she finally caved.
Speaking of car rides, when we moved to the Big Apple, my mom and grandparents drove a U-haul (yes, all four of us in a two-seater) from Lexington to NYC and it was a wild ride. I cried a lot, walked around on everyone, slept in my litter box and got mad at anyone who tried to pet me for longer than 10 seconds.
Once we were in New York, the city was mine!
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I had this white chair, and it was mine and anyone who sat on it, walked by it, or even looked at it the wrong way got a good smacking and talking to! Mom got rid of it because I got too naughty. I miss that chair. RIP
Mom started traveling more and I had different babysitters. One was more handsome than the rest. He's my dad now. She better thank her lucky stars I brought them together. You know I'm the reason they're together right? And he says he doesn't even like cats ... PSH!
My life in New York has been pretty great. I like to look out the window and watch the other cats walking around and driving. I especially like it when little white balls fall from the sky. It's a lot of fun to watch. My grandma says I'm a tree dweller, which means I like to be up high. I spend about half my day in my cat tree (that she also got for me). It overlooks the city and sometimes when my mom is weird and the light is right, she'll call me Simba and tell me that "everywhere the light touches" is mine. If so, why can't I stick my head out the window to see it?? I always seem to get yelled at for looking over my kingdom.
I spend most of my days sleeping and most of my nights playing, crying, and running around. I love to wake up my parents and walk on top of them. It lets them know who's boss. I know treats usually come with the price of a photo or being held. I love to talk and answer your questions, tell you how I'm feeling, and let you know when I'm done being pet.
Speaking of, when it comes to petting, there is a time and place for it, ok? Three pets max unless I'm giving you the eye and asking for more. Pay attention to my tail and ears. You'll know when I'm about to bite you. Don’t be dumb.
I really love to snuggle when I'm cold and warm up in the sun when it's nice out. My favorite toys are little 99-cent puff craft balls, a catnip banana, and a red laser. I LOATHE any other toys and don't even THINK about coming at me with a brush for my fur. Those are the work of the devil. 
MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE THING TO DO IS EAT AND CHEW ON PLASTIC. And boy oh boy do I find all the plastic. I pretend not to hear when my parents yell at me, it's just too good #cantstopwontstop.
I prefer to sleep under the covers with my parents. I don't like it when they leave for long periods of time. I really enjoy finding spaces like drawers, shelves, and other dark, isolated places I can be alone. I am a ham when the camera comes out and now I'm suddenly very sleepy. Must be off!
Here are some more photos of me to enjoy:
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