Weekend Update: February 21

Happy Friday! I feel like we're all getting that spring itch/fever and just need some warm weather ASAP. I'm over here trying to plan all the vacations south so wish me luck!

What I Bought:
-Some new sneakers (with gingham trim!!)
-The quest for the best white jeans is on!
-A simple but beautiful, blue eyelet dress
-White bow sandals for spring
-Chanel dupes -- in PINK! Who am I?
-The best white t-shirt for $15

NYC Life: This week we finally saw the sun!! So my mood has drastically changed for the better (thank god). That and coming off the tail end of a Lexington weekend was amazing. So I was able to get back to being me this week. Probably the most exciting part of my week was meeting with Charm Co! I am officially living out my dream and starting my very own charm bracelet! Really excited to take you along for the ride of how we're making it and where to start really. Who knew it would be so hard??

Weekend Plans: This weekend is Andrew's birthday so we're celebrating tonight with dinner at our favorite place, then heading up tomorrow to Westchester and hanging with his family for Saturday and Sunday! 

Favorite Finds: 
-J. Crew new arrivals are amazzeeee -- like this scallop + laser cut bikini and this gingham headband 
-This pearl/wicker/navy ribbon bag is the dream
-A way too expensive (but beautiful) swimsuit
-Debating if I need this printed top or this plain white one?
-Also loving this white eyelet trim top (why is everything I love so expensive??)

Most Popular Item of the Week: Funny enough it's these erasable markers!

Amazon Purchases: 
-These pearl heart statement earrings
-My favorite cotton pads
-A posture back brace (to wear at my desk!)
-Some very chic sunglasses
-A spray bottle for my hair
-Very excited about this -- a happy light!
-Testing my style with a tennis necklace. If I like it, maybe I can end up looking into a real one

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