Weekend Update: January 17

Happy Friday before a long weekend!! Hope everyone has some fun plans this weekend either going away or staying at home, it's always nice to have an extra day to yourself!! Hope your week was great, I know mine was. Here are some of the standouts:

What I Bought:
-Just recently picked up these new Ugg Boots, and they are currently 30% off at Zappos!
-I'm going to do a larger post about this, but these slingbacks look identical to the Chanel ones I just bought!! I'm waiting for a pair to get in so I can do a review on them
-I've been looking for a large black velvet bow that won't break the bank, and that's not made for a child. I found this for $27 and decided to pull the trigger!
-I'm obsessed with this faux freckle marker! It works soooo well!
-Wearing this sherpa crop non-stop this week

NYC Life: This week went by FAST. Like so fast, woah! I feel like things are starting to pick back up as people are settling into the new year. The big thing for me this week was all about my desktop computer. Last week I mentioned I was going to take it in, but when I realized I was going to get like $200 for a brand new computer, I decided it wasn't worth it! 

So instead what I did is I bought two new accessories for it (a specific plug and a different mouse) and told myself to try it for a week and see how it goes. And here I am, sitting at my desk with my computer writing this blog post. It's crazy how something so small can make such a big change!

I also got back into the routine of working out with my trainer this week. After what felt like a month off, I am SORE lol. I need a theragun ASAP. I also started my period this week (hi, TMI?), but I had to share that I've been using my Equilibria CBD cream, and it has changed the game when it comes to my cramps. Like night and day difference!! Can't say enough good things about it. And I'm not trying to sell, but I would be remiss if I didn't share, you could get 15% off if you're thinking of trying it with the code "coveringbases."

Weekend Plans: I had no idea until a few days ago that this is a holiday weekend lol. Well, I'm not doing anything! I am excited for Andrew to be home an extra day, but we have no plans as of now outside of our first Cryotherpary appointment on Monday!! Kind of nervous but also very excited lol. Hopefully, outside of that, we can watch some Oscar noms from our list, play some mahj and clean up the apartment? Who knows, the world is our oyster! 

Favorite Finds: 
-My go-to black jacket as of late is 60% off and still available in all sizes
-If anyone is in need of a new swimsuit, this white one from Target is SO cute and super affordable!!
-I've been eyeing this one feather trip top from Cinq-a-Sept, but it was wayy too expensive, but I did find this (almost identical) one for $68!
-What color Nikes are better!? The blue or the white??
-Super cute and comfortable boots for winter
-I've seen so many friends this week share their LOVE for AGOLDE, and I've literally never heard of them. Should I test them out??
-Very Ferragamo-esq shoes for $270
-If anyone has $500 to drop on a swimsuit, this is gorgeous 

A Must Watch: Andrew Yang tries to caption The New Yorker comics -- he is so proud of himself lol, and some were deeply smart and funny!

A Must Listen: I've been all about this podcast "How To Money" this week. I'm switching between that and NPR's "How I Built This" when I find the time. Both are super interesting, but I have really been loving the first -- I'm currently going back through old podcasts and catching up on topics of interest!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This ruffle shirt from Tuckernuck! It's on sale, and you can use the code "FUN15" for an extra 15% off, making it around $50. It's the perfect white top and made to not pucker with the extra buttons around the chest. 

Amazon Purchases: 
-This suede Rebecca Minkoff bag -- I've been eyeing a Chanel that is similar, but this is much more affordable!
-These Ugg boots -- I'm trying to find something similar to my tried and true pair, and I thought these might just do the trick!

This Week on the Blog: Allllll Andrew all week long!!
-Our Final Honeymoon Details
-Booking our Accommodations
-Booking Flights + Locking in Dates
-Choosing Our Honeymoon Destination 

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