Weekend Update: January 10

OH MAN it has been over a month since I posted my last weekend update! This is the first of the new year and HELLO, WELCOME, I'm happy to have you here!

(link to this look here)

What I Bought:
-Some new Glossier goodies like this clear lipgloss, liquid blush, tinted brow gel, matte lipstick and highlight stick!
-A one shoulder off the shoulder 
-This beaded pearl headband
-So excited about this one! The prettiest blue short sleeve sweater
-My new workout set is on sale!! Heres the top + the bottom

NYC Life: It was our first week back and not only was it a blur but it also went by so fast. But at the same time, it felt like we went away months ago. My sleep schedule is all messed up because I'm dumb and slept in late one day and it set off a chain reaction for the rest of the week. It is not good. But this week was just putting together a loose plan for the year, things I want to accomplish, walking the pups, getting back into my routine, cleaning the apartment, listening to some podcasts and a facial with Bonnie yesterday. 

Weekend Plans: Tonight Andrew and I are having a game night date night with Ashby and Mike! We are going to their place to cook dinner and teach them a few games. Then on Saturday I'm working out and hope to see a friend that is in town. Sunday will be spent up in Westchester hopefully running some errands, eating good food and a stop at the Apple Store to get a better laptop to edit video on! Nothing too exciting really, but it's nice to be back in the swing of my normal life. 

Favorite Finds: 
-The "it" bag of the season has a great dupe for under $90 on Tuckernuck!
-Another great look-alike is these H sandals from French Sole. I've always wanted a pair of navy ones and they just got released. I am very tempted. 
-A gorgeous bow + velvet dress that is very much outside my price range but I would love to own it!
-These Ugg boots are SO different but I really love them!!
-A simple sweater dress under $100
-SUCH a cute one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit!

A Must Watch: This week's Drink with James featuring Danielle from We Wore What. Both have been in the industry of blogging for so long and come with a wealth of knowledge!

*new series alert* A Must Listen: I, like the rest of the world, have been very much into podcasts as of late and I listen to some good ones this week! I am unsure how to link directly but I listened to... 
--The Joe Rogan Experience with Andrew Yang (political/overall very interesting)
--Be There In Five: Under the Influence with Jennifer Lake (influencer/pr/marketing)
--Money Girl: 10 Horrible Habits (finance) 

Most Popular Item of the Week: My favorite jeans of all time! Happy to see you guys are also checking them out for yourself. I don't understand why they are so great, but they are all I seem to reach for in my closet! They do run a size large so go the next size down. I'll hope to make a review about these soon.

Amazon Purchases: I placed a BIG (like really big lol) Amazon order this week! It's so big that it's going to get its own dedicated post coming Monday!! Until then you can get a sneak peek for everything on my shop page :)

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