My Current Makeup Routine: December 2019

I've been getting a few questions about my new makeup routine and I, more than anything, wanted to put it in a blog post so I could share full details and links (vs just sloppily writing it over DM). I've been doing a no foundation look a lot lately and I've personally been loving it so I thought why not write it down for good!


Obviously, the way I do my makeup is in the natural-enhanced look. I have combination skin -- oily in my t-zone and dry everywhere else. This is what seems to work for me!

No Foundation: I've been skipping the foundation as of late because the stress of the season is breaking my skin out :( I find that I can still get coverage where I need but sometimes it's just as nice to let your skin breathe! 

Concealer: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer // Carmindy Tap on Stick Concealer
For my under eyes, I've been reaching for my Nars Creamy Concealer. This is probably my second favorite outside of Tarte Shape Tape but I like to use this one when I'm not doing a full face/don't have foundation on. It's a little lighter and really melts down when you blend with your fingers! I apply it lightly to the center of my face: under my eyes, between my brows a touch around my nose and on my chin. Really wherever I have discoloration or color!

I use the Carmindy as a spot concealer whenever I need either more coverage or when I have acne. I don't know what it is but it covers my spots so well!!

Powder: Fenty Pro Filt'r Powder (color lavender)
I'll go in lightly to set with this powder and apply it wherever I add the Nars. This helps brighten up the areas while also making sure it's set in place.

Bronzer: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder
Now this is actually a face setting powder. I have it in color 1 and it's perfect. So perfect that I bought it in the color #3 (the darkest shade) and use it as my bronzer. I find that it gives me a really nice bronze without being too grey or too orange. With my pale skin, it's a real issue trying to find something that works!

Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay
I live and die by this blush. I think I got it randomly as a gift with purchase or an insider bonus gift but then I just happened to fall in love with it. It's the only blush I'll use (at least powder blush) and it stays on for longer than any other blush I've tried. I'm all about the rosy cheeks so long wear in this department is important for me!

Eyeshadow: The Nubian Mini Eyeshadow Palette
I think every time I wear this pallet I get asked what I'm using. I think it just really brings out the blue in my eyes so well. The pallet is the first one I've tried from this indie brand and I love it. It's also under $10 which is why I bought it in the first place. I'm not usually one for eyeshadow but now this has me HOOKED.

Eyeliner: Tarte Fake Awake Eyeliner
This is my secret weapon when it comes to my eyes. I use it for my bottom waterline (I just tap on a darker shade for my upper outer corner). But also, while we're here, stop wearing white eyeliner. If you want to create the illusion of brighter, wider eyes make it a nude color! It helps trick other people's eyes into thinking your eyes are bigger and it will elevate any eye look you do!

Mascara: Essense Lash Princess Mascara 
Ok I'll admit, I've been a bit of a mascara snob for a few years now. At first, it was YSL, then it was Marc Jacobs. Now? My go-to is a drugstore $15 mascara that is one of the best I've ever used! You don't even need a base primer, it works so well on its own and doesn't give you crazy clumpy lashes!

Brows: Beautycounter Tinted Brow Gel
I'll also admit that I hate doing eyebrows. I never do them right and I just hate everything about the process. So I'm very thankful for whoever created tinted brow gel. I applaud you! It gives me a very natural bushy look while just filling in what I'm already working with. I like this one specifically because the brush is small and easy to use but also because it's pigmented like woah.

Highlight: Hourglass Ambient Light 
I cannot say enough good things about this highlight. It's the most subtle glow from within. I wore it on my wedding and every time I wear it I just LOVE how it looks. I'm pretty over the crazy blinding highlight so this helps me stay away from that while also being a glowing goddess. 

Lipgloss: Fenty Gloss Bomb
I'm not wearing this above, but I've been all about a simple tinted gloss lately (can you tell I've gotten lazy?). I've honestly been trying so many new glosses and lipsticks that I need to just create a post about it but as of the past two weeks, I've been using the gloss bomb in the color Fu$$y. It was part of this gift set and I knew I already loved and owned the clear (diamond milk) and bronze color (Fenty Glow) so I thought why not. It, of course, did not disappoint. 


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