An Easy (and Comfortable) NYE Look

No one says you need to ring in the new year wearing uncomfortable clothes! Sequins can be cute, festive, and easy to wear all at the same time!


Amazon: Plaid Wool Coat / Calson: Eyelash Cable Knit Funnel Neck Sweater / Wayf: Sequin Leggings (a ton more options here) / Amazon: Black Padded Headband / Lisi Lerch: Bow Earrings c/o / Celine: Nano Luggage / Chanel: Black Quilted Flats (similar here) 

I guess this means I'm officially an old person if I'm promoting sweaters and leggings on New Year's Eve lol. But like... does anyone even like New Year's Eve? It's definitely always overhyped, usually pretty cold, very expensive, and feels no different than any other night.

So while I won't be celebrating it (we'll be on a flight coming home from our honeymoon), this is what I would be wearing if so! I just feel really into the idea of wearing sequins leggings. They are obviously comfortable from the inside, but they're a relatively easy way to "dress up" while staying warm/comfy/festive. Another great option is a sequins jacket -- really any sequin item I feel just makes it acceptable to wear lol.

And you don't have to go full grandma like I am! You can pair it with a cute/silky top or a more "going out" jacket. Same for the heels lol. Wow, I'm just looking at this and being like... "Yea, you cute, but you're showing your age" lolol, maybe this is what we need more of??

So with that, I leave you! I am officially off for my honeymoon until the New Year. I have posts scheduled M-F for the rest of the year, so it's really like nothing is changing, but I won't be live blogging like I usually do! Will you even notice???


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