Weekend Update: November 1

HOW IS IT NOVEMBER??? That is just crazy to me. We have two months left in the decade (wowowwow) and it's going to go by in a flash. Let's see.. 2010 I was going into college in a new state where I knew only one person, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, left all my friends behind, moved away from home and was pretty unsure of myself! A lot can change in 10 years...

Anyway, today's weekend update will be a bit different because I didn't shop this week, was kind of away from my computer (very behind on YouTube lol) and honestly, just don't feel like a weekend update format today. So here was my week...

Monday I was in Disney World walking and sweating my ass off lol. Tuesday I was exhausted from Disney and dumbly went to work out. I've never felt more drained in my life! But I pulled myself together and ventured down to the LES to film a clip for Drink with James (coming out Monday) about TikTok.

Then Wednesday I put together a really fun surprise birthday day for Ashby and we did an Orange Theory class, went to lunch with a friend, got massages and booked a Drybar blowout! It was a really fun day. I think my love language is gift giving!! That night I met up with two girls that I work with and got our nails done at Paintbox! It was such a fun way to hang out and meet.

On Thursday Andrew worked from home and I caught up on a lot of stuff from the week, filmed a few TikToks (I know lol I know), and we had our first night with trick-or-treaters! It was fun because we also dressed up and the kids were so surprised!

Today I don't have anything on the agenda but I do have a lot of campaigns coming up this month that I need to prep and shoot for and a BIG pile of boxes I need to open, try on and put away. I've been avoiding them and it just keeps getting bigger.

Saturday we have Mike and Ashby's wedding shower then we'll head up that night to avoid the marathon madness on Sunday!! Is that all?? lol

But for real, just for a second, I want to talk about the holidays! Because they're basically here and I'm very excited but also anxious. It's busy season for sponsorships and campaigns, for holiday decor, gift guides, Christmas in NYC, travel, honeymoon (at least for me lol). It's going to be a crazy month.

As a way to say thank you, I want to give back to YOU guys these next two months and I have a few ideas and just to give you a heads up on what I'm thinking/have lined up...
--$500 GC to Home Goods
--T3 Curler
--Dudley Stephens fleece
--$1000 in credits (broken up to about 10 winners) to Prose
--A month free of Rent the Runway

What else would be a fun thing to give away??

So all of these I have currently ready to go, just need to start giving them away! Maybe we can do like a giveaway a week? Some will be here, some will be on Instagram. Some will be a surprise! So let's start this week with the T3 curler.  It's the whirl trio set (which I use and love!) To enter, just comment below with a thoughtful response of what you'd like to see from me in terms of holiday content. The more detailed/helpful the better! (bonus entries for commenting on this IG post when it's live!) Either leave your email or IG handle below so I can contact you.

I'll share every Friday the winner for the week! So be sure to check back here on the blog. Have a great weekend!

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