Our Wedding Cake

Spilling the deets (and the photos) of our wedding cake! Doesn't it look so good??

If you remember, I talked about our wedding cake trials and ideas in this post. But to sum it up, Andrew and I aren't big cake people. We much prefer other sweets so when it came time to think about our wedding cake, it was kind of a whatever topic. We knew we didn't want to spend money on it (do you know how much wedding cakes cost??) since it wasn't really a priority for us. But if we had to have a cake, it needed to be confetti flavor -- it's our favorite!

When I was younger my mom used to make wedding cakes and they were always so amazing. So I asked her if she would make one for the wedding. She was a bit hesitant because she was worried it wouldn't come out well, but obviously, that was not the case! I also told her that there was no pressure at all because we didn't even really want one in the first place so whatever she made would be perfect because she was making it.

I told her more simple the better. But who knew that a plain white cake is actually much harder to make?? I think we did a trial run every time we were together in the past six months (which my dad loved) and a lot of times it would end up looking crumbled and kind of uneven. Which I was (again) ok with but my mom said no lol.

So I went to Pinterest to find simple, easy, white, two-tier cake ideas and stumbled across a basket weave style. I obviously loved it but I really liked it even more because it fit in with the whole Nantucket vibe of the wedding. I asked her if she could do it and she said she could but that my sister always had the best basketweave technique. 

And so long story short, my mom and my sister made our wedding cake. It was white cream on the outside and funfetti on the inside. Which I kept telling people was a metaphor for our relationship: serious on the outside, silly on the inside. 

It was so special that they made our cake for us. The wedding had a lot of little things like that where the people we love the most were so involved in making our day what it was. AND our cake stand was a gift from my brother in law from our registry.

But before I go, I just have to say it was the BEST wedding cake of all time. I don't know what my mom did to it but it was SO GOOD. Everyone will agree too. She'll say it was made with extra love but I think there was something extra in there with it.

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