Weekend Update: September 20

Happy Friday! It was a blur of a week but I am looking forward to the weekend and just hanging around with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well :)

^My favorite crop top from Amazon!

What I Bought: 
-I found this through a friend on Instagram and I'm really excited about this shirt
-Finally got the bigger Maestra bag that I am SO excited for!!
-Picked up some new powder and mascara primer
-Two new items from BaubleBar: these earrings and this ring set
-From Brooks Brothers: this puffer vest and this fair isle sweater
-From Joules:

NYC Life: This week was kind of crazy busy!! I guess thats what happens when you take a week off lol. Tuesday I worked out for the first time since the wedding and then went to the Yankees game with Andrew with these awesome tickets thanks to Budweiser! Wednesday I started listing + selling items over on my shop page and then had a QVC x Carmindy event that night. 

Thursday I woke up with a cold that left me in bed for most of the day but got up to get a facial, go to a fitting for an upcoming collaboration, head downtown to pick up photos from the wedding and then back to finish selling items! Then today I need to ship everything off and head to the airport!

Favorite Finds:
-Dudley Stephens came out with a fall color line and UGH I LOVE IT. These are the best sweaters
-I live for a good tweed dress
-This blazer is giving me Veronica Beard vibes and I'm here for it
-Currently stocking up on all the fall skirts (this and this)
-Love a good short sleeve cashmere top
-My favorite simple turtleneck
-This Boss shirt I have in black is now available in white!!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off to Atlanta for my niece's birthday! Excited to see the family again so close to the wedding. I have a creeping cold that won't be great around kids or my mom but I'm hoping it will be gone by tonight!

A Must Read: I'm about halfway through, but I've been loving this article from The Cut "Who Would I Be Without Instagram?"

Most Popular Item of the Week: It's back! My name necklace has hit the top charts again this week after sharing it on IG stories this past weekend. It's a great little necklace and so fun to wear!

Amazon Purchases: Lol I only bought toilet paper this week BUT I will give another shout out to this camera and SD phone reader because I've been using it this past week and it's AWESOME. I still need to fully get the hang of it but A++++ in my book. 


  1. An odd question: where's your navel in relation to the clothes? It's under the jeans band, right? Or am I disorientated and it's under the top? On me I'd expect it to be right there in the visible skin zone and maybe that's why crop tops never look right on me. Are my pants all too low for crop tops? My torso propotions not right for crop tops? You look great.

    1. Haha thank you! Its under my jeans. the best way (IMO) to wear crop tops is with a high waisted pant!


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