Weekend Update: September 20

Happy Friday! It was a blur of a week but I am looking forward to the weekend and just hanging around with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well :)

^My favorite crop top from Amazon!

What I Bought: 
-I found this through a friend on Instagram and I'm really excited about this shirt
-Finally got the bigger Maestra bag that I am SO excited for!!
-Picked up some new powder and mascara primer
-Two new items from BaubleBar: these earrings and this ring set
-From Brooks Brothers: this puffer vest and this fair isle sweater
-From Joules:

NYC Life: This week was kind of crazy busy!! I guess thats what happens when you take a week off lol. Tuesday I worked out for the first time since the wedding and then went to the Yankees game with Andrew with these awesome tickets thanks to Budweiser! Wednesday I started listing + selling items over on my shop page and then had a QVC x Carmindy event that night. 

Thursday I woke up with a cold that left me in bed for most of the day but got up to get a facial, go to a fitting for an upcoming collaboration, head downtown to pick up photos from the wedding and then back to finish selling items! Then today I need to ship everything off and head to the airport!

Favorite Finds:
-Dudley Stephens came out with a fall color line and UGH I LOVE IT. These are the best sweaters
-I live for a good tweed dress
-This blazer is giving me Veronica Beard vibes and I'm here for it
-Currently stocking up on all the fall skirts (this and this)
-Love a good short sleeve cashmere top
-My favorite simple turtleneck
-This Boss shirt I have in black is now available in white!!

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off to Atlanta for my niece's birthday! Excited to see the family again so close to the wedding. I have a creeping cold that won't be great around kids or my mom but I'm hoping it will be gone by tonight!

A Must Read: I'm about halfway through, but I've been loving this article from The Cut "Who Would I Be Without Instagram?"

Most Popular Item of the Week: It's back! My name necklace has hit the top charts again this week after sharing it on IG stories this past weekend. It's a great little necklace and so fun to wear!

Amazon Purchases: Lol I only bought toilet paper this week BUT I will give another shout out to this camera and SD phone reader because I've been using it this past week and it's AWESOME. I still need to fully get the hang of it but A++++ in my book. 

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