New Beautycounter Makeup + Some Old Favorites

Ok... I've hopped on the Beautycounter train!! I've been hearing about it non stop and I finally decided to see what all the hype is about!! I did place a small order back in June to dip my toe in the water and now I'm jumping all the way in. 

In June I bought the brow gel, the cleansing blam and the sunscreen based on your recommendations and WOW! I LOVE them -- all three of them! I've been using the brow gel pretty much non stop since getting it in and I even wore it at my wedding. It has 110% replaced my Benefit brow gel I was using previously and might be one of my all-time favorite items. It's that good!

I'm not one for super defined brows or really crazy ones but more of a "work with what you have" kind of look. I love that these give them the color and thickness they deserve (lol) and really help bring my whole makeup look together. I ordered the medium shade and have even used it on my mom (who has zero eyebrows) and it really does a great job transforming them. 

And I have the same love for the cleansing balm. I was pretty much ride or die the It Cosmetics cleansing blam until I tried this. It does a great job and really gets off all my eye makeup which I appreciate. I use this when I wear makeup as the first step in my routine, followed by my cleanser. The great thing about Beautycounter is that it's all-natural too which just makes me feel better about it all.

Followed very closely in "loves" is the sunscreen (not pictured). When it comes to makeup and beauty I pretty much skimp/don't totally mind if it's not 100% natural -- though if it IS I do feel better about it. But when it comes to sunscreen I find I'm more cautious about it. There are just so many chemicals and the way I lather on sunscreen, it helps with my peace of mind having it be a mineral sunscreen. I also like the way this sunscreen applies, how it rubs in and the coverage + after-feel when using it!

OK so now that we've talked way too much about my first BC purchase, let's chat about my second one -- and the reason for this post! After the first order went so smoothly I decided to test out a full face of products and share it with you guys! I mean... if I can have a full face of natural makeup that would be awesome. I don't know if we'll get there because I have some serious ride or die products but I hope we do! And after my first experience with them... it may just happen!

So let's talk about what I bought and what I've already been using (oops!)

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer: I love my Laura Mercer tinted moisturizer and have been wearing it non stop since buying it in January. I wear it 99% of the time I do makeup and I've turned my mom and my best friend on to it -- both of whom don't wear makeup. It's just the perfect no foundation foundation and if this can compare I'll be amazed! But really it claims to be the same thing -- so we will see!

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: I'm all over the place with concealers lately. Obviously, if I'm doing a full face, I'm using my Tarte shape tape. But lately I've been reaching for my Carmindy concealer when I'm doing a more natural look or when I need to spot treat/help discoloration. So I'd say I'm set with concealer but open to new options -- ya girl needs variety in her life!

Radiant All Over Bronzer: Now when it comes to bronzer I'm ALL over the map and not loyal to anything when it comes to a powder bronzer (cream, I love my Tom Ford duo but it's $$$). I can't seem to find one that doesn't make me look dirty and ALSO doesn't have shine. I feel like I need a good matte. This isn't totally matte but I'm willing to give it a try. 

Satin Powder Blush: I used to live for my Nars Orgasm but when I realized the shine made my pores stand out more, I switched to a Tarte matte blush that I've been using since. I'm not married to it but I have yet to find something better so let's see if this can be a contender. 

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic and Romantic: OK now this is where I've tried some before we try it all at once. I actually took these to Nantucket for my wedding and they were the ONLY shadows I used! They are good like really good. The glitters... the mattes... the colors UGH inject this into my veins. SO GOOD. 

Color Intense Lipstick and Sheer Lipstick: I love lipsticks and lip colors and I'm always down to find more -- especially since I'm VERY particular about the color and the formula. There are just so many lipsticks out there for me not to be wearing the best of the best. What I'm most excited about when it comes to these BC ones is that with red lipsticks, there are usually some pretty unsafe chemicals in them. So a natural lipstick is kind of a big deal!


I know this post was a little weird because I haven't tried anything out YET outside of the eyeshadow but I do have a plan! I'm going to test everything out in real-time today on my stories and link back to this post. That way we can try them together, see how it goes and if all else fails you'll know what I do prefer instead!

If all goes well, my next order will be for this cream blush (I've seen SO many people rave about it), this cream highlighter and this powder highlight. BUT TELL ME!! What are your favorites?? What should I also be trying out?? I'm kind of obsessed with it all... Help feed my addiction lol.

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