My Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2019

It is no surprise that I have a hardcore obsession with Amazon. I get everything from there, and I have no regrets. I wanted to round up my top 10 purchases of this year since we're officially half way through 2019 (isn't that crazy?).

ONE // AirPod Case -- this is my most recent purchase of the bunch and one I bought thanks to Olivia! It's the cutest little AirPod case that I've added to my key ring. It's nice to just have something small and easy to add to my key ring -- I had a larger case in the past that zipped around it, and I found it wasn't very user-friendly. With this perfume looking case, you're able to open and close the AirPods easily as well as use the button on the back. It's brilliant and so so so affordable.

TWO // Earring Organizer -- My earring collection continues to grow, and I just couldn't for the longest time find a way to accurately organize and display them. I found this one on Amazon for a reasonable price, and I ended up loving it (so much so there's a full blog post on it!). It keeps selling out here and there but if you search around you can find it at a good deal. They also sell these at the Container Store if you need it!

THREE // Exfoliating Sponge -- There are times after my facials (when I get a peel) that my skin starts to get really flakey and I just needed something to mix with my facewash that would help exfoliate my skin. I'm not a fan of exfoliating scrubs because they can really tear up your skin, but I like this because you can pick the harder or softer side and can control the pressure as you want. 

FOUR // Good Grips Broom -- This is my "I'm getting old" purchase, but I seriously love this broom set. It's random, I know, but as is Amazon. The feature that really gets me going is the dustpan -- it has little grippy "teeth" that you run the broom through so you get everything out and off after you're done sweeping. It's great. 

FIVE // Shoe Slotz Shoe Organizers -- Ah man these are the BEST thing I bought from Amazon this year (full post here). They basically help you stack your shoes when you're organizing them, so you create more room of other shoes and storage! It's incredible, I use them all around my apartment. Such a game changer!!

SIX // Daily Sunscreen -- This is my OG product but always an honorable mention when I'm doing my Amazon roundups. This is the best (and affordable) daily SPF + moisturizer that will hydrate and protect your skin. It was recommended by my esthetician, so you know it's good and nonclogging for your pores!

SEVEN // Palmers Chapstick -- I bought these because of my sister but ugh I love them. My go-to chapstick. They're big and bulky but really fun to have and use. I've gotten so many people hooked on these after my bachelorette

EIGHT // White Crop T-Shirt -- Easily one of my go-to shirts for spring and summer. It's just the perfect easy crop top that's really affordable and surprisingly so nicely made! It's the ideal t-shirt -- not see through, thick but not overwhelming, and it hits at the perfect level of crop. Ugh, it's the best. It comes in like 10 colors, and I have three of them!

NINE // White Heart Sunglasses -- My love for these have not stopped, and we all know that by now. They're great and fun and cute to wear. I had to add them to the list!

TEN // Heated Eyelash Curler -- This I bought after seeing Karlie Kloss use it in a makeup routine. I've never been a big fan of the traditional eyelash curlers -- they kind of freak me out. This I thought was so perfect and really smart -- it's like a heated comb for your eyelashes, and it does such a great job. Big fan!!

Honorable mention // Boot Rescue! I bought this last year but loveeee it

For more (aka ALL lol) of my Amazon purchases, you can check them out on my shop page
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