Weekend Update: June 28

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Excited for next week and the 4th because we'll be heading home to spend time with my family in Chicago. Until then, here's a little more about my week:

^My favorite of all time white cami is on sale for 20% off, the black 25% off and they also added more colors!

What I bought: 
-My Veronica Beard blazer got marked down again to 60% off so I repurchased it and have returned the other one!
-Trying out a new (and cute) high impact sports bra that hopefully works for me!

NYC Life: It was a weird week because Andrew is away so it's just been me and it's not nearly as fun haha. So lots of work, working out and lunches with friends! I did try out a new class studio this week at Project by Equinox -- they started their own studio independent of the gym that you can take a wide variety of classes at! An overall boring week with not much to report.

Favorite Finds:
-Not clothing related but how cute is Thalita??
-The perfect coverup for this summer!

Weekend Plans: Not much... probably just working out, needle pointing and cleaning hahah. How old am I??? I feel like there is just a ton to get done before the holiday week next week and I want to make sure I'm good to go when I head out on vacation!

A Must Read: Details about the biggest sale of the year!! There really does seem to be some great items as part of this sale. Like this blue blazer with gold buttons, these sweaters, the best basics, and my go-to denim!

Song of the Week: Idk what it will be but Chance the Rapper is coming out with a new album and pre-orders start tomorrow!!

Most Popular Item This Week: This two piece blue and white set (that also comes in coral!) Super cute and really affordable! 

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-I bought this dress but it sadly didn't work out!
-And random but I bought this dehumidifier for our apartment -- it's just been so sticky as of late I hate it!
-I have this mini blue and white dress in my cart
-Restocking my workout bars!
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