2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Try On Haul: Sizing and Reviews

Who's ready for a dressing room try on haul?? I came with ALLLL the photos and reviews today so I really hope you enjoy it!


Before we start! The white tank I'm wearing is the 1. State Chiffon Inset Camisole (XXS- XXL) which is on sale for $59. The jeans I have on are the AG leggings raw hem (23-33) which are on sale for $149. Both are a couple years old and are some of my ride-or-die items in my closet. Great items that will go with everything and will last you a lifetime!

I was able to shop a day early in-store yesterday so I popped up to the Nordstrom in Westchester to see what the sale was all about. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year by the better items (last year was kind of a bust, right?) they had available. My store didn't have a ton of stuff but I still managed to find some great pieces! I 'll be shopping for the bigger sale online today and doing reviews of that experience next week.

Now let's get into the dressing room try on haul! Anything marked with a *** before the item name denotes something I bought. All of my reviews are honest, but remember, just because it may not look good on me doesn't mean it won't look good on you! We all have different body types and styles so if you find something you love, get it!!

I hope this is helpful and useful to you all when shopping the sale. I also recorded videos of my try-on hauls in the store so if you want to see how each item looks IRL, make sure to pop over to my Instagram Stories today and tomorrow to see.

Also, someone asked if I could include more plus-size available options and I made a conscious effort to do so! If they come in plus size, they will be linked but I also included the sizing variations for each item so I hope that is helpful to anyone reading. 


Price: Originally $650 // Marked down to $434.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a size 2 above, but in her other jackets I'm a 4 and in my gingham jacket I'm a 6 so it's kind of all over the place. I feel like the 2 pictured here was a bit small so really, a 4 would have worked great. My recommendation is to buy a size smaller and if you're in-between, size up.
Thoughts: I have been a BIG fan as of late for Veronica Beard. I think her stuff is so beautifully made and while expensive, very much worth the investment. I love that her line is all-inclusive!

Price: Originally $149 // Marked down to $98.90
Sizing: Halogen usually runs a size large and the blazer above is an M (which is my normal size). I was drowning in it through the body but the length of the sleeves worked for me. They didn't have a small so I would be interested to see how that fit.
Thoughts: In the past, I've been Halogen's No. 1 fan of tweed jackets as they are PERFECT for work and dressing up any casual look. But this one was just pretty meh. I wouldn't spend my money on it. 

Price: Originally $110 // Marked down to $69.90
Sizing: Topshop is always a little weird because I find a majority of their things run small. I was really between the US 6 and US 8. It was like a hair sizing difference between the two so I went with the 6 and called it a day.
Thoughts: This might be my number one pick for the sale I just love it so much. I'm not one for red usually, but there is something about this blazer that I love. It reminds me so much of Veronica Beard blazers!

Price: Originally $349 // Marked down to $229.90
Sizing: Wearing my normal size 6 here and it's very much TTS. 
Thoughts: I've never really tried much from the Nordstrom Signature collection but I do really like this blazer. It's on the pricey end but it seems to be made very well, is stretchy and would be a great closet staple for those who are looking to have a blazer in their closet. 

Price: Originally $349 // Marked down to $229.90
Sizing: This was an M and I felt like I was drowning in it!
Thoughts: Unlike the blazer above, I don't think this was made well or worth the money. I feel like you could find something better from places like Madewell or J. Crew for a much more affordable price. 

Item: Theory Peplum Jacket (00-12)
Price: Originally $495 // Marked down to $329.90
Sizing: This was TTS but if you're on the cusp, I'd size up.
Thoughts: This was a great blazer for those looking to put the money into their workwear closet. It's beautifully made and is super flattering, stretchy and form-fitting in all the right places. 

Price: Originally $898 // Marked down to $598
Sizing: I'm wearing a size 4 (normally a 6) and it fits really nicely!
Thoughts: I loved this blazer. It's a beautiful tweed style and something that would be very versatile in your casual and workwear closet. I'd say it's worth a price as it seems really well made and classic but for $600 it's way too expensive. 


Price: Originally $98 // Marked down to $64.90
Sizing: I'm wearing my normal size M in this jacket and it fits great in the back and sleeves but I did find it a little big around the body and chest. I'm unsure if sizing down would help that at all. 
Thoughts: I really liked the arms the most about this jacket. On the under sleeve it was a stretchy material so the sleeve was able to hang without making it too tight. It looked much cuter than in photos!

Price: Originally $250 // Marked down to $166.90
Sizing: Wearing a US 4 and Barbour jackets vary so much from style to style so it's hard to say what's true to size for them. This I would say def runs large and roomy. BUT I'd do your regular size if you're going to layer a lot.
Thoughts: I actually loved this jacket more than I thought I would! It is very similar to the quilted Beadnell jackets I have and I think this is a great option for those not wanting to break the bank on something similar. It's very lightweight (think Patagonia style light -- unsure if it has the same warmth) and not as boxy as traditional Barbours!

Price: Originally $88 // Marked down to $58.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a Medium above and I'm DROWNING in it. It's sooo big lol. It was also very boxy (the arms were short).
Thoughts: I picked it up originally because it looked from the outside as a more affordable quilted jacket option. Then I saw the inside and I was so excited because it was super soft and really different and cute (and VERY warm) but it wasn't made all that well and the overall style of the jacket was boxy and not cute so I didn't bother with another size. P.S. the fleece is only around the body; not in the sleeves. 

Price: Originally $375 // Marked down to $249.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a US 6 here and it fits TTS for regular clothing
Thoughts: This is another great option for those looking for a Barbour jacket without dropping a Barbour price tag. It's much shorter than the Beadnell style but I really like the length and the way it's cut!

Price: Originally $329 // Marked down to $219
Sizing: This runs TTS and has adjustable pull ties on the side to help cinch it in (which is what I did above) I'm wearing a US size 6 and I really like the way it fits.
Thoughts: As far as raincoats go, I love Barbour. I have two (a yellow and a red) that I wear often and are older versions, but this is just as nice if not nicer. I like the addition of the sweater sleeve cuffs because it makes it feel like more of a jacket as opposed to a sheet of water-repellant material. The only thing is the price. I don't think it's that good of a deal for a raincoat so I'd personally skip.

Item: Zella Hooded Fleece Jacket (XXS - XXL)
Price: Originally $89 // Marked down to $58.90
Sizing: Wearing an M above but I think it's just a very bulky and boxy jacket so it looks way oversized and big when really it's appropriately sized. 
Thoughts: I feel like this is Zella's version of the Alo Sherpa Jacket (that I have and love). This jacket didn't impress me much because it looked like a really large oversized zip-up sweater made out of sherpa material which just makes it look bigger than it needs to. I like the price of it, especially when it compares to the Alo jacket but I personally wouldn't spend my money on it!

Price: Originally $99 // Marked down to $65.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a small above, as Calson usually tends to run big. The small does fit but the style of it makes it look very big.
Thoughts: This is kind of like the previous item. I feel like this is another version of the Alo jacket and it's a bigger miss than the Zella one. This is so not cute on me. I think the collar is weird and the overall style and color of it is just off. It adds 20lbs! If you want to get one of these, get the Zella.

Price: Originally $379 // Marked down to $252.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a US 6 and it is HUGE. I'm unsure if this is meant to be oversized like this but I'm pretty sure I could have gotten away with a 2 and been fine. So strange!
Thoughts: It was way too big and I don't think sizing down would have helped. What I did like about it was the lining and print on the inside of the jacket and the sleeves, it did help redeem the coat! But overall (just like the above raincoat) I think you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Price: Originally $295 // Marked down to $196.90
Sizing: I'm wearing an 8 above because it was the smallest size they had in store and it was verryyyy big. I probably would have sized down to a 4.
Thoughts: I originally compared this to another blue jacket I have from last year but I was wrong, it's nothing like it and I don't even like the color or the style of this jacket. It was kind of a bust for me!

Item: Vince Camuto Long Coat (00-16)
Price: Originally $159 // Marked down to $105.90
Sizing: It again was a size 8 since that's all they had and it was a bit big. The 6 would have been much better but I still think it's meant to have somewhat of an oversized feel to it. 
Thoughts: In terms of better blue jackets, this one was much better than the previous. The cut and style and overall look of the jacket were just infinitely better! It didn't speak to me enough to buy it but trying it on after the first definitely did help lol.

Price: Originally $300 // Marked down to $199.90
Sizing: Wearing a size 6 but felt a bit big, so I want to say it runs a little large.
Thoughts: I think it's meant to have an oversized feel, which is not my style. It looked more like a large bathrobe I stole from my dad than a cute jacket, but I do believe some people could pull it off better than I do!


Price: Originally $79 // Marked down to $52.90
Sizing: I'm wearing the M here but I think I could have gotten away with the small. Vince Camuto usually runs a little bit bigger in tops (at least in my experience).
Thoughts: I liked it a lot at first and then I started wearing it more and moving in it and it kind of turned bad. The button and the collar are cute if you don't move but a wrong twist of your body kind of moves everything else all at once. It was weird. I also wanted it to be shorter in the front so I tried tucking it into my jeans and it just because bunchy with all the extra fabric and looked weird. So I passed on it. 

Price: Originally $29 // Marked down to $18.90
Sizing: Wearing a size M but it was very LONG in the torso and arms and like tight but baggy. It was weird. I should have probably tried the small so sized down. 
Thoughts: It just didn't fit right so I passed. It was bunching but still tight and it just looked so not cute. You can find much better basics elsewhere!

Item: Chelsea 28 Sport Tank (XXS - XXL)
Price: Originally $69 // Marked down to $45.90
Sizing: Wearing a S in the pattern and a M in the blue. I think the small fit better especially in the armholes! 
Thoughts: I really liked this top a lot in both colorways, but I just didn't think I'd find many occasions to wear it so I passed. But I do recommend it!

Price: Originally $98 // Marked down to $64.90
Sizing: Wearing a size M and it fits great and TTS
Thoughts: I love this top! I kind of picked it up randomly and ended up really liking it. So much so I searched for other colors to no avail. The material is great and flattering and this is a black top that won't attract all the cat hair from my apartment!

Price: Originally $595 // Marked down to $348.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a 4 in the photo above but I needed a 6 so I would say it runs TTS.
Thoughts: This was a beautiful top but they didn't have it in my size. It's definitely different than most and really wonderfully made and cut but I don't think I would have grabbed it even if they did have my size. That's a lot of money for a cute top!

Price: Originally $45 // Marked down to $29.90
Sizing: I'm wearing a small above but it runs TTS so I should have picked up a medium. 
Thoughts: I love the color and the square neckline but it was just a little too tight and hugged in the wrong places. I don't think sizing up would have helped because the material is so thick that it looks weird unless it's skin tight. 

Price: Originally $49 // Marked down to $31.90
Sizing: Wearing a size M and it runs TTS but it's very LONG. Like everywhere very long. It was weird. 
Thoughts: This top was also very long and just looked so strange on. It's pretty cheaply made but I did like the frill edge. Overall, just not for me!

Price: Originally $395 // Marked down to $263.90
Sizing: I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a M but it could be a small. I know I asked for either and they brought in one. I really think it's the M and if so, I say it runs TTS!
Thoughts: It is a beautiful sweater and really nicely made. It's a little more boxy than form-fitting so it wasn't quite my style but I do really love it and recommend it for anyone looking for something similar!

Price: Originally $279 // Marked down to $185.90
Sizing: I'm wearing this in a small and it still has a slightly oversized fit so definitely size down.
Thoughts: I loved this sweater when I saw it online and when I put it on I was like noooo I don't need it (kind of expensive..) But then I didn't want to take it off. After I took some snaps I decided I wanted it. I could always return if I don't end up wearing it but I really do like it. It makes me happy when I look at it so I think that is a good sign! What really sold me was the fact that I don't have anything like it in my closet. 

Price: Originally $225 // Marked down to $149.90
Sizing: I ended up buying this in the S (which is pictured above) but the M does work well. It's more of how you want it to fit. 
Thoughts: I LOVE this top. I have it in three other colors and I cannot tell you how often I end up wearing it. It's the perfect everything top -- casual, work, dressed up, transition -- you name it. It's my top pick from the sale as I know it doesn't go on sale any other time of the year (I've been looking).

Price: Originally $55 // Marked down to $35.90
Sizing: This is a size M above and it fits TTS. The neck hole is a little small for taking it on and off but it works. 
Thoughts: I felt very 70's shag rug carpet in it so it wasn't obviously my style. The sleeves bell out a little which I think added to my opinion lol. 

**Item: Halogen Crewneck Sweater (XS-XXL)
Price: Originally $69 // Marked down to $45.90
Sizing: I usually size down in Halogen but I took my normal size M and it fits great (just had to roll up the cuff). 
Thoughts: It's a great basic sweater. It probably won't last you your whole life but it comes in a ton of colors and I'm sure will make a great layering piece for fall and winter. I'm getting it in the light blue for a special project for the wedding!

Item: Champion Crop Sweatshirt (XS - XXL)
Price: Originally $55 // Marked down to $40.90
Sizing: I don't get this top. The sleeves were SO LONG. Like another arm's length long lol and the crop was pretty cropped. So I guess it's the style? And I'll say it runs TTS.
Thoughts: This made me feel like a ~kewl IG kid~ but I just LOLed because Champion was what we got from Kohls back in the day and it wasn't cool. Funny that it's back but seeing as I still have PTSD from my awkward years, imma skip buying this. 

Item: Madewell Ryder Cardigan (XXS-XXL)
Price: Originally $98 // Marked down to $64
Sizing: I picked this up in an M but I think it runs big so I could have gotten an S and it would have been fine. It's very stretchy and therefore forgiving. 
Thoughts: I'm pretty anti open-front cardigans as I think they are way overplayed but this was seriously the most comfortable material ever so I decided to pick it up. I didn't like it on me but it was still V soft!

**Item: Ugg Hallidie Fleece Pullover (XS - XL)
Price: Originally $73 // Marked down to $47.90
Sizing: I got this in an M and it fits TTS
Thoughts: Oh man I do NOT need this sweatshirt but I did end up getting it. I wasn't even planning on picking it up but then the inside of the sweater caught my eye and it was like a blanket in there. I tried it on for fun and here we are. I'm wearing it as I type this blog post. SO SOFT


Item: Ugg Kanter Pajama Pants (XS - XL)
Price: Originally $68 // Marked down to $44.90
Sizing: I'd say these ran TTS, I'm wearing an M and they fit fine just not how I prefer.
Thoughts: I cannot pull off sweats that are "semi-fitted" because it just makes me look big (IMO). They were soft and fun but I know I'd never wear them so I skipped. They weren't as soft as the sweater!

**Item: Zella Body Fusion Sports Bra (XS - XXL)
Price: Originally $39 // Marked down to $28.90
Sizing: TTS and I'm wearing an M. I tried on the large and it also fit fine and it was much longer so you pick! I'm normally a 36DD
Thoughts: I actually bought this bra in black like two weeks ago on a whim and now here it is on sale... ugh. Well, I picked it up in white and grey because I think it's pretty great for cardio and training. I loved the white a lot and I hope it stays this nice! I've heard mixed things about Zella. 

Price: Originally $69 // Marked down to $38.90
Sizing: Wearing an M and these are very much TTS and long which is good for my taller ladies!
Thoughts: I need another pair of workout leggings like I need a hole in my head but I still wanted to try these on for size and review. They were nice and held everything in really well. If they ever came in a print I'd probably try them out. I just hate bright colored leggings because they show all and I can't really do black with Dixie!

Price: Originally $55 // Marked down to $35.90
Sizing: I'm wearing an M and thought it was pretty TTS. I like my PJs a little bigger and loose so the M was perfect for that. 
Thoughts: I have the Eberjey pajamas that look just like this (but for a lot more money) and wanted to see how the Nordstrom ones compare. They were pretty good! I would definitely recommend these over the Eberjey ones because they're almost identical. I'd say Eberjey is a little thicker but their shorts are MUCH shorter and these come at a much better price!

Price: Originally $75 // Marked down to $49.90
Sizing: Wearing a size M in the set and the top is fine but the shorts were a little tight in all the wrong places. 
Thoughts: The shorts really threw me here. The waistband on them was very thick and stiff and was not very comfortable. I like the overall look of them but I'd never wear it to bed!


Item: Halogen Tweed Miniskirt (00P-18)
Price: Originally $79 // Marked down to $49.90
Sizing: I usually size down in Halogen and while I'm wearing a 6 and it fits, I feel like the 8 (my normal bottom size) would be a little better. So I'd stick with your normal size for this. 
Thoughts: I liked it (again, love anything tweed) but since I'm no longer in an office, I will never find a need to wear this skirt so I passed. Good for the holidays though and of course the office!

Price: Originally $158 // Marked down to $104.90
Sizing: Runs TTS and I'm wearing a 6!
Thoughts: When I saw this online I was like, "is that cute or no?" and then did the same thing in the store. So I decided there's no harm in trying it on and it was cute but the style is not very me. I felt like I was a teacher in the 70s lol.

Price: Originally $55 // Marked down to $35.90
Sizing: Runs TTS (wearing an M) but it's bodycon and tight so just be aware when ordering on how you like it to fit.
Thoughts: I liked this dress but I'd just never wear it. It's not really my style but I did want to try it on because it was super cute. I liked the tie at the waist and both sides had really nice slits that gave your body a great overall look.

Price: Originally $69 // Marked down to $45.90
Sizing: Wearing an M, I would say it also runs TTS.
Thoughts: I wanted to try this as it was out of my norm and there's no harm in trying it on. I loved the color on me (which I didn't think I would) but again, I just wouldn't wear this dress anywhere. it's not very forgiving either so I'd for sure need some Spanx to smooth it all out!

Item: Eliza J Ruffle Trim Sleeveless Dress (goes up to size 16)
Price: Originally $138 // Marked down to $91.90
Sizing: Runs TTS and I'm wearing a 6.
Thoughts: I really thought this dress was going to be great and it's not lol. The ruffle kept standing up and it was weird and it cut off at the wrong place and then the pleat at the front is allllllll wrong and just looked so bad lol.

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