What the Guys are Wearing to the Wedding

This one is for the boys! Very excited to announce we've partnered with The Black Tux for our wedding and dressing the guys. It's basically a newer and better way to rent tuxes or suits for different events. Heres how the process worked for us:

Since they have a physical location in New York, we made an appointment and stopped by the showroom. They have a ton of locations around the US, a lot of them in Nordstrom stores! We went in with everyone at the wedding who could make it (aka the NYC based people) and they started getting measured for their tuxes.

Normally the bride doesn't go to these things but with these guys, I wasn't leaving it up to chance lol. Our plan for the attire is it will be black tie with the "groomsmen" in navy tuxes and the fathers in black. I say groomsmen lightly because we're technically only having a maid of honor and best man but overall there will only be six guys at the ceremony outside of Andrew. So it's easier if we just dress them the same and think of it as a bridal party.

The Black Tux has a lot of different options for guys to pick out and TBH it's kind of overwhelming online -- like picking between different blazer lapels... Its all lost on me. So it was nice to be in store and have them try on different looks and accessories to see what we liked better. They were basically fit models for me lol.

It was also great to be in store because they were able to professionally fit and size the guys so they would look and feel their best in the suit. Sizing can be so weird, especially from store to store, it was nice to not have to worry about it. PLUS what's great about The Black Tux, is they also reserve a size up and size down for you around your rental if something by chance doesn't fit. 

After sizing was established, we picked out accessories like suspenders, buttons, cufflinks, and shoes -- another reason why being in the store is so helpful. We were able to hold up different colors and options and pick right then and there on what looks best together. The second to last picture has the guys' accessories: black buttons, gold cufflinks, and a shiny black bow tie. 

It was also a lot of fun seeing the guys all dressed up! Andrews dad looked like a real-life James Bond character and I loved it. 

The staff in the store were also so helpful because they created an event for us in their portal (creating an event is how you start the rental process) and added all of our items and sizing for each guy. (There's also an option to pay for each guest or have them pay on their own in this portal.) And once all that was set up, each guy got an email, created an account and reserved it for the big day. As for the guys who weren't with us like my dad, my BIL and Caitlin's husband Chris, they still have their own accounts and items but they just need to go to their local stores to get fitted.

In terms of what's next, that's it! Now that the order is placed, each guy will get the rental in two weeks before the big day. The Black Tux recommends trying it on right away to make sure everything is correct and it fits. Like I mentioned above, they hold the size up and down for you around your rental in case anything needs to be replaced and will send it out to you asap so you can have it on time!

As for what Andrew is wearing?? You'll have to wait and see!

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