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OK! You've probably seen the assumptions tag going around on the internet where people assume something about a person. A follower suggested I do one for my wedding and I thought it would be a wonderful idea! It was so great to hear your assumptions, and I'm excited to share if they are true or not!

And before we get into it, I want to say two things:

1. Me sharing the "extra" details of my wedding does not mean those are the only things I care about and I'm doing this all for show. We're past the point of that. I've been engaged for close to ten months and have done a blog post every Wednesday since. 

You should all know by now how much I love and adore Andrew. He's my everything. But I don't want to shove that down everyone's throat. I've always kept our relationship off the blog (for the most part) and I plan on keeping it that way. The point of my posts about the wedding is to share details and fun notes about planning. I am able to do that without taking away from the fact that this day is about marrying the man I love. I wanted to clear the air for anyone thinking otherwise!

2. Some of theses answers are going to confuse you. That is not my intention. The plans for the wedding are perfect for Andrew and I and are exactly what we want. It's not going to be a traditional wedding, but it's going to be very us. I want to keep a good part of our plans private until the big day. 

I PROMISE I will share a full breakdown of the wedding after it's all said and done. There's a fine line with sharing on the blog. I want to loop you guys in and share what I can, but at the same time I want there to be surprises! I hope that makes sense.

And with that, let's get into the assumptions! 

I assume....
That you're wearing your dress two times:
YES! Once for the ceremony and once for the reception. 

That you've already picked out your wedding bands:
YES! We actually hadn't at the time this was assumed, but we have since. I'm currently deciding between two styles but one of them will for sure be my band.

That you will have a small, intimate wedding:
YES! 17 people including my niece and nephew will be at the ceremony.

That you wanted to keep it simple but it's turning out to be extravagant:
NO! I wanted to keep it simple in terms of size, but it's always been in my mind to be a little extravagant.

That your hair will be up and your nails will be red:
YES! Not 100% yet but this is very me. It only makes sense that this will be the outcome. 

That you're having two ceremonies:
NO! Only one ceremony.

That it will be all blue and white:
YES! Those are our wedding colors so I assume there will be a lot of blue and white. 

That your mom is giving you away:
YES! She is walking me down the aisle and my stepfather is marrying us. 

That you're getting married on the beach:
NO! It's in the backyard of the house we're renting. 

That it's multiple days of events that are all different:
YES! I'll be there for a total of a week ;)

That you're having a custom gown made:
NO! I was thinking about it, but then I fell in love with a dress in Atlanta.

That is will be coastal chic:
YES? Idk what this truly means or looks like, but it will have some nautical vibes.

That the tent will be gingham:
NO! No tent. Wish us luck!

That it will be decked out with monograms:
NO! We'll have our monogram in some places but not a ton. 

That you'll have lots of toile:
YES! Our wedding print will be used for a few things. 

That there will be lots of gingham and gingham accents:
NO! Surprisingly no gingham planned for the wedding.Weird right??

That it will be low key but glam:
YES! At least I hope lol. 

That your guests are required to wear a combination of blue and white:
NO! The guests we're inviting for the weekend are open to wear whatever they want. 

That you'll have John Wall shots for the first toast:
NO! But I do like the idea of having these at the reception. That would be fun!

That it will have a southern/Kentucky Derby vibe:
NO! But I would love to have a Derby themed birthday party one day.

That the guest list will be like a sorority/fraternity reunion:
NO! I think only one sorority sister is invited and Andrew wasn't greek!

That you're not doing a first look:
YES! The first time we're seeing each other will be when I down the aisle. 

That you'll have a big wedding party:
NO! Only one maid of honor and one best man. 

That you're only using real flowers:
NO! We're doing silk for almost everything

That you'll wear your hair half up, half down:
NO! Not for the big day at least. TBD for the other days. 

That you picked out Andrew's look for the big day:
NO! We are still TBD on what he will wear, but it will be a collaboration between both of us. 

That you didn't have a set budget:
NO! My parents gave me a set budget and we are sticking to it. 

That your first dance will start out sweet but then turn into a choreographed routine:
NO! I haven't really given much thought to it, but knowing Andrew we won't be doing anything choreographed lol.

That your family is more supportive than normal and no one will be aggravated by the time or money spent:
YES! They are all being great about it, as our are friends. But how can you not for your sister's, daughter's, or best friend's wedding??

That it's going to be extra but simplistic. Small circle, big vision:
YES! The simple things in life are the most beautiful. 

That the vibe is classic, high end but goofy so you're going to have some funny stuff:
YES! We aren't taking ourselves too seriously and will for sure have touches of our weird side.

That Dixie will be in a bridesmaid dress:
NO! Sadly, she will be holding down the fort at the apartment. 

That it will be extravagant but more affordable than we think:
YES! It's easy to cut corners if you research.

That there will be pearls everywhere:
NO! Well, kind of? But not nearly as much as I want lol.

That it will cost $300k:
NO! No x100000. Nowhere close. 

That your dress will be blue and white:
NO! But that would be fun wouldn't it?

That it won't be in a church:
YES! It will be in the backyard. 

That all your bridesmaids will have red mani/pedis:
NO! They can have whatever color they want.

That you're having an extravagant wedding but not inviting a lot of people:
NO! There will be a total of 110 invited to the reception. 

That gingham will be part of your something blue:
NO! I think there will be a ton of blue so that won't be an issue. 

That you're doing your own hair and makeup:
YES! I think I can do it exactly as I like it and not have to worry about anything.

That you'll be sad if it rains:
NO! I'm half expecting it, but if it does I'm not worried. We will be flexible. 

That you're not honeymooning right away:
YES! We're waiting until the holidays to go on our honeymoon.

That you're writing your own vows:
YES! Really excited for this. 

That your wedding band will have sapphires in it:
NO! I don't want anything to take away from the beauty of my ring.

That you're inspired by Mackenzie's wedding:
YES! I mean, who wouldn't be? Her wedding was to die for! We have very similar style and they'll both be on Nantucket. But you'll see when the time comes that it's going to be a very different wedding. 

That there is something related to baseball incorporated:
NO! Outside of the image of it in our print, there will be no baseball involved. 

That you're wearing Lilly during some point of the weekend:
NO! At least not as of yet! 

That Andrew's beer will be served at the wedding:
NO! But it will probably be at the welcome party and LOTS at the shower.

That you'll wear a statement red lip:
YES! One of the nights I'm sure I will. 

That your bridesmaids are going to pick out their own dresses:
YES! I want them to feel comfortable and beautiful and have something that represents their own style.

That you're keeping your last name:
NO! I plan on taking Andrew's and moving Robertson to my middle name. 

That there will be a Kentucky Wildcats cake:
NO! Sadly. But there will be lots of ice cream!

That there will be Disney songs played:
YES! I'm sure as a joke to Andrew there will be at least one Disney song played lol. HE KNOWS WHAT SONG TOO.

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