Weekend Update: April 26

Oh man it has been a HOT minute since I posted a weekend update. I miss these! Between traveling, blog content schedule and the bachelorette, we haven't had one since the first weekend in April. Well, we're back now and I hope it takes you well into the weekend!

What I bought:
-Gearing up for a fun Derby shoot...
--Blazer, pants and (really cute!) tie for Andrew
--Dress and fascinator for me!

NYC Life: I didn't do much of much this week. I came back from Atlanta on Monday night, went dress shopping with Ashby Tuesday day and tweaked my back sleeping Tuesday night (which canceled my workouts for the week), ran some errands in Greenwich Wednesday and went up to Westchester yesterday to shop for my shower with my future SIL! It was a fun week that wasn't too bad in terms of stuff but had a steady flow of items on my to-do list. 

Favorite Finds:
-Really thinking I need these for my upcoming shower! They would be the perfect earrings
-So into this whipstitch PJ set, it reminds me of Jack Rogers!
-This white maxi shirtdress -- it's a classic!
-Adorable white eyelet top

Weekend Plans: Today I'm heading downtown to try on a few bridal accessories at Lovely Bride for their Alexandra Grecco trunk sale and then off to get a facial at Bandier with NuFACE in Flatiron. Tomorrow Andrew and I are seeing a special screening for a movie I'm not allowed to share yet (!!) and Sunday will be GOT night!!!! SO PUMPED.

Most Popular Item this Week: Our straw monogram bags from the Bachelorette! SO many of you loved these which makes me really happy. These are the bbbbbeessstttt.

A Must Watch/Listen: DUH! T-swift's new song "ME!"

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Lots of things for the shower! Can you guess the theme?
-Another trial of earrings
-And a silk chemise (for something fun I'm trying to plan for the wedding!)
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