Spring Transition + A New Way to Layer

Today's look is fun. It has a little something for everyone AND incorporates a bunch of my favorite things. 


Dudley Stephens: Brighton Boatneck in Terry Fleece (regular fleece here) / SkinnyShirt: Classic Sleeveless Shirt / Sofia: White Jeans / J. Crew: Gold Sandals / J. McLaughlin: Victoria Wicker Circle Bag c/o / Lilly Pulitzer: Blue Peacock Earrings c/o

First and foremost: THE shoes. You know 'em, you love 'em and if you don't have them, you need them. I recently purchased the gold pair. They are new for the season and I'm happy to report they are just as comfortable as the others I own! The nude is still the most comfortable but these are right up there with them!

I'm also happy to be able to break out the wicker bags. They are the BEST for spring and summer and seem to go well with any outfit. I love this one from J. McLaughlin with a monogram detail from Hathaway Hutton. Hello new monogram! Also, I didn't mean to but I love how the monogram matches my outfit.

Next are my new favorite white jeans. I bought these as part of a sponsorship with Walmart last month and to be honest, wasn't expecting to like them. Do you know how hard it is to find a good pair of white jeans??  It's impossible! So did I think a $20 pair of jeans would do the trick? No. Do they? Yes. They're soft, comfortable, and flattering. Who knew?

Then we're onto my new Dudley Stephens sweater I snagged from their last drop (the next is coming April 29)! I went with a new style and love the neckline. It's going to be a whole lot better for spring AND the terry fleece is a much lighter fabric. It's definitely coming with me into spring. Andrew loves when I wear this because he says it brings out my eyes.

Finally, on to the main event: my skinny shirt. I bought this during the Shopbop sale a few weeks ago and wowowowow I love it. I didn't know I needed it. It gives me the classic, layered button-up look with NONE OF THE STUFFY MESS. It's a dream. I cannot say enough about this top. It fits really well and does a great job of staying smooth and making you feel thin. What more could a girl need?

Especially for spring (or summer, you do you) it would be nice to have a layered look without having actual extra layers and sleeves to deal with. You know? Plus it's long, so it's easy to tuck into bottoms. I'm excited to find more ways to wear this!


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