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We are a day away from my bachelorette and I am PUMPED. I feel like it's been so far away for so long I just can't believe it's finally here. AHH! Wanted to talk about how it all came to be and help answers some questions about our trip!

^I was outfit planning last night and here's a peek at one of them!! Dress last seen here

Before we jump into the bachelorette party plans, we have to talk about what went into it. I'm not having bridesmaids at my wedding outside of my sister who will be my MOH. I'm having a small ceremony, and some of my best girl friends won't be in attendance until after the ceremony. When I started planning this trip I wanted to open it up to my closest girl friends.

I invited: my sister, my future SIL, Jen who we went to Vegas with and who is the wife of Andrew's best friend, Caitlin and Sarah (my friends who I met through blogging), Megan and Lucy (who are two of my best friends from college), and my New York girls from work Ashby, Catherine and Morgan. There are a lot, but they all mean so much to me I couldn't imagine not having them there for the fun weekend. 

When thinking of the bachelorette, I wanted it to be a trip. My thought is that if we're going to spend the money to fly and stay somewhere, why not really make it worth everyone's while? Bachelorettes can be so expensive I thought the least I could do was make it a true vacation for everyone who was able to come. 

So with that, I knew I wanted to go international. I was originally thinking the Bahamas, or really anywhere in the Caribbean since we're all  on the east coast and it would be relatively easy. Bahamas was my first idea because it was affordable, easy to get to, and familiar.

I texted my sister and Caitlin on January 9th and we started planning. Last fall, I was at lunch with Ashby, Catherine and Morgan and we talked about tentative dates. April seemed to work well for everyone and we blocked off two weekends as a general save the date. So when I texted my sister and Caitlin, I asked which dates worked best for them and we all settled on the weekend of the 13th.

From there I texted all the girls and it just so happened that all but one was able to make it, which is a total win in my book! It was sad she couldn't come because of Coachella but when nearly all the girls can go, you lock it in. Now that we had a weekend in place we started looking into locations.

With this many girls, our only real option was an Airbnb. My sister and Caitlin scoured alllllll over the Caribbean to find a place that would fit us all, that was close to other things on the island (like a beach or shops or town) and that wasn't crazy expensive.

Many stressful days later we landed on a place in the Bahamas that was in Baha Mar. My sister emailed everyone so they knew about costs and check out airfare, and we went from there. Two girls who live in smaller cities had really expensive airfare so they weren't able to go. That left us with eight total.

With two more girls not being able to come, the Airbnb got too expensive and we restarted our search. Because there were eight of us, I thought hotels would become an option again.  We could potentially do two double beds in two rooms. 

From the very beginning I told my sister I wanted a beach, an international destination, and an all-inclusive. I've always thought an all-inclusive would be the best possible option for any bachelorette party. There is NOTHING worse than going on a trip paying for x and y then getting there and spending $500 more dollars on food, decor, and other random things you weren't planning on. Also when you're going out to dinner, you're going to be splitting up the bill every night? Ugh, just a hassle (especially with so many girls) that I didn't want to deal with.

But there aren't that many all-inclusives in the Caribbean, so we opened it up to Mexico, found a great place that worked for everyone and we booked it in mid February!! The reason I'm having a party so much earlier than my wedding is that I wanted to go somewhere warm when it wasn't warm in the city. I wanted it to be a true vacation and April is always rainy and a little cold. Plus summer in the Caribbean or Mexico is TOO HOT for my liking. Between our shower, other weddings and traveling to Nantucket this summer, other times wouldn't work out. Summer is so busy!

So here we are!! I leave Thursday morning and get back Sunday. I have my outfits put together (it's been SO MUCH FUN shopping for this trip), all the gifts ready and am ready to beach! I'll obviously be sharing more next week.

OK, SO let's get into your questions from Instagram:

How much should you budget for a bachelorette party?
I looked at is as how much I would pay normally for a trip including hotel and food and went off that. I didn't really budget much!

How did you plan a weekend to fit everyone's schedule?
I say pick a weekend that works for you and your best friend/MOH and go from there. Be flexible and book/let people know dates early.

How far ahead did you pick a weekend?
Four months out.

Where are you going?
We're going to Mexico!! We found an amazing all-inclusive in Quintana Roo.

How did you chose your destination?
This was the hardest part, but we looked a flights first and saw what was the cheapest then started looking at hotels and airbnbs in the area.

Where were other places you considered going?
Bahamas, Exuma, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Punta Cana, Cabo and where we'll be this weekend!

How many people are going on the trip?
There will be eight of us total. 

How much do you know about the trip? How much did you plan vs. your MOH?
I think I know a lot. I was a part of the hotel, location, a nighttime idea and that's about it. I'm not sure what I don't know, so I will have to answer this after the trip. I HATE being surprised and looped out (I am a control freak in that way) so we'll see lol.

What are you paying for vs. the girls?
Everyone paid for their own flights and portion of the hotel. I think we'll all split an excursion and I got them some really great gifts for the trip.

What are you packing?
There will be a top level post on this tomorrow with links and a more in-depth post next week after our trip with photos.

Whats the one thing you knew you didn't want?
Penis anything.

More classy or raunchy party?
Classy for sure. 

What gifts did you get the girls?
I got them a really good goodie bag full of stuff. It's a surprise so I'll share more after the trip!

Whats the first drink you'll order?
Either a tequila shot or a piƱa colada. 

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