Weekend Update: March 1 + No Shop Recap

Happy Friday! Two weekend updates in one week is a pretty good week if you ask me! Find out how my week was below.. 

No Shopping Update: I was being SO GOOD until this week happened. I stopped shopping and was really almost turned off by the idea of it all. But then I had a hard week and it hit me and I just wanted to buy things. Did it make me feel better? No. But I liked trying (most of) it on and dressing up. I was blasting a Beatles playlist (have found my love again after the Vegas show!) and just being silly when I was trying it on and that did make me feel better.

As for whats next, I think I'm going to go back to regular shopping but now I have that thought of "do I really need this" in the back of my head. I liked saving money and I'm much more conscious of it now which is good. But I do have a bachelorette I need to shop for coming up so that may not help things. Maybe I can stick to just placing like ONE order each week? So I really make sure what I want is what I want. That might be a good compromise. There are so many times I add things to my cart on a whim and I realized that waiting on it makes me want it less.

So this may not be the most exciting recap ever but I kind of did it? Idk. Not really but I'm trying not to be hard on myself about it. For me, not shopping for 3 weeks solid was great. We'll get there!

What I Did Buy:
(from the Shopbop sale)
-SkinnyShirt (these are amazing btw I'm going to talk about it next week!)
-(above) A white beach stretchy top (that I don't love and will be returning)
-White maxi dress (that I need to return but I love)

From Forever21:
-A nautical flag bikini (top and bottom)

From RedDress:
-This tutu maxi dress (cute but not enough to keep it)
-This blue stretchy set (also not keeping bec the top was too big)
-This black maxi dress (not keeping, wasn't really my style)

What was sent to me:
-My first ever skirt set!

Things I Want to Buy But Shouldn't: These white bow heels. SO EXPENSIVE BUT SO CUTE SOMEONE STOP ME

Weekend Plans: Today I have my Friday class with Dino (yay!) and Ashby is joining. Then we'll film our videocast and hang out a bit. Tonight hopefully we watch some more True Detective!! Tomorrow we have a friends birthday party and Sunday will be the normal shoots and dinner with Andrews parents.

NYC Life:
This was a treat-yo-self week for me. Monday I took a break from everything (work, vlogging, workouts, computer) and just laid in bed. Tuesday I got a massage, Wednesday I saw What Men Want (was very cute btw) and Thursday I kind of made up for the lost time of taking time off haha. You win some you lose some! It did help my mood to just take a breath this week. But still lots of anxious feelings and just being off and kinda sad. So here's to a better March!

A Must Watch: True Detective Season 3! I loveeeeee and live for Mahershala Ali (ever since House of Cards) and he does not disappoint in this season. We're only 4 episodes in and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. It's so good! Like kind of suspenseful but not as out right scary as the first season. And also not as confusing as the second season (like what was that). All the episodes are out now so it's a good time to binge over the weekend. I think there are only 8!

Most Popular Item this Week: For a third week IN A ROW(!!) These Levi's jeans are the big seller. They also look to currently be on sale sooooo nows the time? 

Amazon Purchases of the Week: I had some GC credits to use so I got two earrings, shoes, and stuff for the bachelorette party bags..
-Chapstick (my favorite)
-Zinc oxide (heavy duty sunblock)

Sale Item of the Week: My favorite blouse from Tuckernuck is on sale! Still kind of expensive but I for real love this top

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