Black and White Style

I'm not going to lie to you, I don't like this look. I don't know why exactly because in the mirror I thought it looked great. But then going back through these photos I was like meh. I feel like that happens a lot any time I wear black. How weird is that?


Derek Lam: Black Bell Sleeve Coat / Sezane: Audrey Shirt (sold out; similar here) / Sail to Sable: Tweed Mini Skirt / Rebecca Minkoff: Gillen Knee High Black Boots (more in stock here) / Amazon: Black Quilted Bag

I maybe own like 3 black items in my closet when it comes to clothing. I just don't ever gravitate towards it and I rarely ever buy it. I just don't feel comfortable in it or like the way it looks when I do wear this. BUT there have been plenty of times where I'm IN LOVE with my look and it tanks on the blog (and vise versa when I hate it, it does really well). So here we are.

I'm not shopping this month so I'm leaning on Rent the Runway and my closet (obvi) to help out. This jacket looked so chic online and I swear someone much cooler than me could pull it off but I kind of feel like I'm a character in Harry Potter with it on. It may be attributed to the plaid skirt and ruffle collar but it's all I could think about when I saw it lol.

Now this shirt is very long sold out but I first saw it on Carly and she looked SO cute it in. I bought it the next day! It's a great shirt and I'm eager to style it in a way that I actually like the outcome lol. I did find THIS blouse that would be a great option if you're also looking for a ruffle neck top for work (or for anything else).

So why am I posting this even when I don't love it? Because that's how we all work -- you can love something IRL and then take a photo and think WTF. Or you can feel good and then one mention on Harry Potter throws you for a loop. It's not about what you're wearing but how you feel when you're wearing it. I felt good wearing it but I don't love posting it. BUT HERE WE ARE.

So thanks for letting me rant, and either way I hope you like the outfit or have a good laugh over it.


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