The Shoes You Need for Spring

It's close to 1am and I was just finishing up and adding links to another scheduled blog post for today until I found out some BIG news (well, it's all relative lol) and I literally was stop in my tracks, drop everything and write a new post. This is it...


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My favorite heels of ALL TIME are FULLY BACK IN STOCK!

Guys I just cannot believe it. I for sure thought these were a one season heel but I was so (happily!!) wrong. I feel like I snagged these heels and found my true love for them late in the season last year and by the time I finally got around to realizing how amazing they are and sharing them, they were all but sold out (or at least, we sold the rest of them out -- over 150 of you bought these heels and RAVE about them too).

So whats the deal with these sandals? Why all the hype?

They're comfortable -- #1 key to these heels. They will NOT in any way rub or give you pain in your feet (on the outside or inside). I used to wear these for full days of work and walking around the city. Never once did they hurt my feet. The heel is low enough that there isn't a pressure on your feet and the straps are wide enough that there is no rubbing. They are just the most comfortable heels I own. I love them. 

They're comfortable -- just had to reiterate that point incase you missed it. 

They're affordable -- Without any sale and promotion they are $89 -- which for how much you'll get out of these is a steal. But they always have sales. Right now they are marked down to $76 AND are having a 30% off sale making them $53. Yes and yes. 

They go with everything -- e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! They are the perfect nude color and have a nice little block heel that makes the perfect to....

They can be dressed up or down -- Dress? Check. Jeans? Check. I wore them to two different weddings last year and also wore them to many a night out a sticky dive bars. Up or down.

They are NYC streets approved -- This is a big deal to me and anyone who needs to look cute but still be comfortable and functional. It's kind of a big deal.

So... yea. They're kind of amazing and you kind of really need them. I PROMISE they will not disappoint and are 10000000% worth the buy. I've had many friends buy them and they agree (I actually copied these from my friend Morgan after she wore them all the time). OH! That reminds me -- they hold up really well in torrential downpours. Morgan and I can attest to that lol! We both went through them separately and laughed at how well the shoes held up. 

Use the code LUCKYDAY for 30% off and snag yourself a pair in nude, black or a very fun calf hair that I will be purchasing tonight. 

The nude and black run TTS (at least last years did) and they had a white version that was a different pebbled leather that weren't as comfortable as the nude/black version and ran a half size small. So I can't put my stamp of approval on the calf hair pair but 100% back the nude and black

PS! I even wore them when we got engaged -- this is the best post ever. 


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