Wedding Decor Inspiration

It may be a surprise to no one but my inspiration for the wedding decor will be a lot of blue and white. Lots of ginger jars and chinoiserie and a lot of white, blue or pink flowers (tbd). Here is what I'm thinking:

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Because our wedding festivities are spread over a couple days, I wanted to find decor that would theme well with each place we hosted. It's no surprise if you've been around me for two seconds that I'm a lover of all things blue and white. I have been for years and that wont stop for my wedding. I just love the classic and "me" look to it. It makes me comfortable and happy at the end of the day it's our wedding so that's all we want.

Andrew has been great with the decor because he's in for whatever I want. I run a lot of things past him but overall he loves the blue and white look too (I guess this is much better than pink everything). Really it will just be ginger jars and vases everywhere.

The only issue is getting the items to the island. There aren't any places (that I know of at least) that rent these out on the island so I'm really supplying my own for the wedding. While it's cost effective, since I'll just bring the ones I have at home, it makes for a semi stressful time thinking about how we're going to fit them all into the car on the drive up. 

While I have an overall idea of how I want the ceremony to look (that's what I'm focusing on for decor and whatever we have for that we'll make use for the other nights) I don't know exact items or layout of everything. That's on my to-do list! Really planning out what size vases and jars I'll need and where they will go. We're getting married at a house on the island so it'll be about decorating the backyard for that: where we'll be standing, the pool area, where our guests will be and of course our table!

We'll do a tablescape post another day but I need to make the decision of using the same jars that we'll have outside on/around the table or if that will be a whole other set of items we'll need in addition to what's outside! Just more things to think about.

So that's that! Would love any fun tips or advice you guys may have on it all!

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