My Goals for July 2019

Looking back at my 2018 goals, I truly accomplished one lol. The beginning of the year was so good, I was so good. But by the time July rolled around I totally forgot about them and never seemed to look back. Oops! Should a goal for this year be to fix that?

One thing I did do a really great job at was staying consistent with working out. The beginning of the year I was doing BBG then I kind of slid off after the program was done and then found my love for Barre, Yoga and ClassPass. That was in July and since then I really haven't looked back.

ClassPass has changed the way I work out. I love that there are SO many options on there that you don't have to commit to one gym/class for the rest of your life. I think that was what happened with BBG -- I just got so tired of doing the same thing over and over for 15 weeks. It worked on my body but didn't help me fall in love mentally with working out. I started to dread it and my body was also taking a beating. For my full review on BBG, you can read that here.

So ClassPass, it's the best. You pay a monthly membership fee (price is based on how many credits you want to use and differs from city to city) and you're able to sign up for classes in your area. You can try something new, do the same thing every week, switch it on and off per month -- anything really. You can also have a flex location for when you travel -- something I did when I was in NC for Thanksgiving and took classes there.

They make it so easy and I really just cannot say enough good things about it. They are currently offering your first month for free to try it out. And I suggest, if you're interested, to do so. It's really easy to cancel if you feel like it isn't a fit for you. But I think you'll really like it. If you want a more in-depth post about ClassPass, LMK!

As for my other goals... here is where we stand:

Increase my monthly savings -- I feel like we did that after I wrote that post but I can't be 100% sure. Before I was laid off I was saving my paycheck which I was really proud of. We're continuing to save that until my severance is through but hopefully by then I will have a new job and can save the same amount -- or more! Before everything happened, I wanted to take the next step in saving more but that will have to be a goal we re-visit in July.

Get in control of my spending -- Being a blogger I feel makes this goal really hard. I have expenses and need to be buying for the blog. What I want to do is take a deeper dive into my personal finances and see what I'm spending there. Narrowing it down should help me be better about this in 2019.

Write half a book -- I didn't do this at all. I still have the idea (and the sequel! lol) in my head for this book. Maybe one day.

Wake up earlier -- We were great about this when we we're doing BBG but stopped once the exhaustion hit. More a goal for me now since I'm working from home but also not a priority since I'm working for myself lol.

Get a new couch -- Andrew and I talked about it and we decided that it just wasn't needed. We don't love our couch now but it works and it fits and it's already paid for so we're just going to keep it until we move.

Re-read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and clean out the apartment -- this one is coming to 2019 with me!

Shoot and video an apartment tour -- same as above

Write a long form blog post once a week -- I wasn't great but I wasn't horrible. 23 if I counted correctly! I think that number will rise this year with my 1st goal under the blog below. 

Show more casual and everyday style -- I did a better job at this in the beginning but it didn't seem to be what you guys wanted to see/buy. That and I love dresses. So we'll still work toward this one more this year and find out what works best for us both. 

Be better about emails -- I've been much better! Although I do slip out of ti here and there I'm usually always under ~40 in my inbox everyday. And that I count as a win. 

Get back to YouTube -- This also ebbs and flows. I get better and then I don't. Cant' speak much to it as I just started daily vlogging!


So that is where we stand with last years goals. It is what it is and I don't hold any remorse over my head. We're just here to set some new ones -- BUT there's a catch: they're to be accomplished in July of this year. Then in July, we'll recap and create some more for the last part of the year. I think it sounds like a pretty solid plan. So here we are: 

My Personal Goals:

1. Find a new job -- Fell pretty confident in this one but won't be hard on myself if in six months I'm still searching. I really hope I won't be but we will follow our hearts and see where this journey will take us. 

2. Start meditating twice a week -- I would love to do this daily but committing to something everyday at this moment is a little hard and scary for me to do. So I'm hoping that by setting myself up for 2x a week (minimum), come July we can bump that number up some. I'm currently using headspace! 

3. Read 6 books -- No better time to read than the present. I LOVE to read and I was so so good at reading so much. But in my busy schedule it was the first thing to go. I'm pretty free now so I'd like to set a goal for one book a month (minimum). And seeing that I'm able to read a book in 1-2 days I think we can do this!

4. Do a no-shop month -- I did this last March and really enjoyed it. I feel like I want to do it in February this year but we'll see what the schedule is like. If I did that, would anyone want to join me??

5. One major apartment clean out -- I'm really good about getting rid of things but also really good at keeping more things once I've thrown other stuff out. Referring to the above, the author of The Life Changing magic of Tiding Up just came out with a Netflix show that I want to watch and I'm pretty sure will make me want to purge everything in my apartment. This should be fun!

My Blog Goals:
1. Start to shift more into lifestyle content (vs fashion) -- I just feel like getting more personal with you guys this year. Can't you tell? I want to show off more of what my days look like, what helps get me through, my favorite items, etc... and less of this dress and this skirt. I love to write and I love to connect with you guys so that's what I want to do this year!

2. Update my media kit -- It's been on my list forreeevvverrrr but this should be an easy thing I can check off to-do! Let's just DO IT. 

3. Shoot and film an apartment tour -- Ah yes. I've lived here going on three years and I WILL DO THIS. I just never feel like this apartment has been "done" but seeing as I haven't changed anything in over a year, I think we're about as done as done could be. This will be a top priory for me -- and should be a fun way of keeping me inside for one week of content in the winter (vs shooting something outside!) You can see my studio tour when I lived in Chelsea here via video and here on the blog.

You can read more about my goals from last year here!
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