Instagram Roundup + My Favorite Shows to Binge

I've been trying hard to post more "real time" posts on Instagram so far this year and I think we're off to a hot start -- now I just need to go about linking them on the blog for you guys since I don't normally use LTK. But for those who aren't interested, I'm also sharing my favorite TV shows as of late!

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I feel like January is a GREAT time for shows and movies -- because who wants to event think about going outside in this weather?? I know currently its about 14 degrees out with 45mph winds so... no thanks! I've never really done this before but wanted to share the shows I've been watching as of late and highly recommend!

Game of Thrones (HBO) -- I know I know I'm so behind the times but I have finally binged the show and am currently up to date! Very exciting but also so so sad because it's so good I don't want it to end. I need to keep going. The series is very long but almost not long enough. I don't even know what to do with all my time back.

7 Days (Netflix) -- Ashby told me about this show and we watched the Chanel episode together. It's like a mini documentary series where each episode focuses on a different event and starts with a week leading up to the event and ends with the completion of it. Andrew and I watched the Westminster Dog Show episode over the weekend and I just loved it! It's a super easy show to watch casually (about 45mins per episode). 

Fyre Festival (Hulu) -- We just watched this last night and it was highly entertaining. I haven't seen the Netflix one but I'm getting the sense it's a little biased where the Hulu version is more of the truth behind the whole scam. And bonus points, they sit down with Billy (the scam artist behind it all) and you really get to see what a pathological lier he really is! INSANE

Jeopardy! (Netflix) -- Andrew loves Jeopardy and I have to say, watching it on Netflix without any commercials is THE way to watch the show. 

Ex on the Beach (MTV) -- This is our trashy show that we love (we all need a couple in our life right??) that is basically our filler MTV show until The Challenge is back on air -- which is so soon!! The premise is you have a house full of single people (they live near a beach) and each week their exes show up and it's #drama. Seriously such a horribly good show that I don't recommend to anyone outside of avid Challenge fans. 

Bodyguard (Netflix) -- on to good shows again! This is a short series on Netflix that Andrew and I watched and loved (TBH I watched Game of Thrones because this guy was in it and I loved him). A super easy binge and a great show overall -- perfect to watch with your guy for those who need "his and her shows." He just won a Golden Globe for his performance!

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) (Netflix) -- And now I leave you with the MOST underrated show on Netflix and truly a hidden gem that no one is taking about. This is a Spanish drama (hello, I know I just lost like half of you) but trust me when I say that it is so good. I got my entire family hooked over Thanksgiving (my parents and all my cousins) and its just such a well thought out show idea. You have to watch it in subtitles (the dubbing over makes the passion for the show and the actors disappear) but its really easy to do. They are robbing the mint of Spain (where they make money) and have been planning the heist for 6 months and thought of EVERYTHING. If you liked Inside Man, you're going to love this show.

On YouTube, I'm loving (selfishly) my daily vlogs ANDDDDDD my very first video cast (think podcast but cooler lol) with Ashby that has been released today!

What are your favorite shows? Would love to hear some new recommendations below -- new or old!

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