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A little peek at some behind the scenes of tonights video editing ^^ Have you heard the news? I'm a vlogger now!

So if you haven't really been following along, I've started daily vlogging on my YouTube channel. It was a decision I made after sharing this video mainly because I wanted to share the day to day life of what to do next. How to get better, do better and how really to figure it out.

None of us truly have the answers and I for SURE don't, but I'm trying to figure it out. I'm not quite sure even what my next step or next month plan is but we're all just doing our best. I want to challenge myself to produce more content while I'm currently looking for another job and thought that making videos would be a fun way to appease us both. You guys want to see more behind the scenes and I want to share more so it's kind of the perfect match, no?

I got a comment the other day asking if I'm vlogging to make money and the simple answer is no. YouTube is not an income for me (I get maybe $100 a month from old "viral" videos) but more a way to express myself and connect with you guys in a different way. I've always been from the camp of different as an "influencer" (well, at least I think I am) and I've often wondered how often I share that with you guys.

I'm all about keeping it real. I consider myself a rather down to earth person -- someone that you would meet through a friend of a friend -- someone real. I don't lead the lavish lifestyle, I'm far from perfect and I have no idea what I'm doing. Obviously social media paints a perfect picture of peoples lives -- no matter who you are. You put your best foot forward and as a society we've started to think that the perfect life is the norm and then get beaten up by it when we fail to perform.

I'm starting to ramble now and maybe this is a post for another day but what I'm trying to say is that people even do this through videos and vlogs too and I'm not trying to fit into that mold. I want to show you a truly real and unfiltered day to day life of a person with real struggles and real happiness. Sure, my life may be pretty boring -- but who's isn't! I do the same thing, I rarely ever wear makeup, I like to re-wear the same things. All if it is just me.

And that is something that I'm really proud of. I love who I am and who I've become and I'm excited to see what I'll do in the future. I wish to be a breath of fresh air online to whomever may be watching; someone who shares the ups and the downs to help you feel less alone -- because if there is one thing that I know for sure, is that no one struggles (or succeeds) alone. The outpour of messages, dm's and comments I've received from you all sharing your own struggles because I have shared mine have been amazing. It all helps me to believe that maybe I can help make a difference in someones life. Because you guys have in mine.

So I'm rambling again. Can you believe that all of this is to say that I've started a daily vlog? Ha! Here I am thinking I'd just throw up a quick blog post and share some links. lololol

ANYWAY -- It's been really time consuming (for very little payoff) but it has just been so much fun. I post a video every day of the week and take the weekends off (Fridays vlog goes live on Monday) and when I'm taking my "break" I'm kind of sad because we're not together. It's weird -- idk. 

But it's been so fun to share my days with you. To share what I love, what I buy, what I use on a day to day. And I so appreciate everyone who has been watching and commenting (I LOVE reading the comments each day!) and sending their love and support. Who knows where it will go from here but I am grateful for the ride we're on together!

If you haven't already, take the weekend and binge watch some vlogs. It's the most premium content lol of my life and it's nice to be able to have something that lives longer than 24 hours (looking at you IG stories!).

For those who have been watching, I'd love your feedback. What you've liked to see so far, what you can do without, ideas for inclusions in other videos -- I'm all ears. Now is the time to do it, so lets do it!

Thank you again for reading this post -- and this blog -- today and everyday. You guys are seriously some of the best people around!

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