Customizing Our Wedding with Zazzle

Remember when I told you I had big plans for our wedding print and crest to make our big day a little more custom to us?? Well I'm giving you a peek at what I mean today! 

(all items c/o Zazzle)

My friend Louise (who is actually getting married in Nantucket the weekend after mine!) introduced me to Zazzle last year when she was ordering stickers for her welcome boxes. I had no idea a site like this even existed at the time and I was blown away at all they could do.

So I started thinking and brainstorming and coming up with fun ideas to customize and give our wedding that fun touch of us during the week! The options are actually endless when it comes to Zazzle and just about everything you'd want to customize, they have! They also always have some great deals to really save big so be sure to check them out before buying!

Two weeks ago I shared our wedding print and told you guys I have big plans for it and now you get to see some of those plans come to life! Outside of this I really only have the tablecloth and skirt left to do but I'm just so excited to share all of this with you guys! So lets get into what we ordered:

Socks -- These will be for the guys at the wedding, either to wear the day before or day of (depending on their shoes) but I thought it was just a cute/nice touch for something custom to give them. The socks themselves are really nicely made and Andrew actually liked them so much he made a custom pair for his dad for Christmas (they were a hit!). Only downside is that you can't change the color or the heel/toe but it still works for me!

Golf Balls -- The guys will be playing golf on the rehearsal day so this is another fun way to treat them to a gift and have it customized for us! We ordered so many of these lol because if I know these guys, they're going to be losing some golf balls!

Water Bottle Label -- This is an idea for our welcome party OR for our welcome boxes (TBD) where we just replace the original label with our own. Something that is totally not needed but would be fun to have!

Duvet Cover -- My favorite item! Guys, its SO SOFT and I just love how the print came out on this order. On one side we made the print bigger and the other a little smaller so we have some variety. My plan is to put this into the room where I'll be getting ready and taking pictures for the wedding. Thought it's just a really cute and custom touch for the background ANDDDD something we'll be able to reuse in our future!

Stickers -- The larger stickers will be for the welcome boxes (on the outside) since we'll just be getting boring white boxes, we'll need to spruce them up! The smaller ones are going to be for little things either around the house or in regards to paper products. Just thought it is really cute to have as an extra touch. 

Napkins -- These will be used for the welcome party around the bar (seeing as they're little cocktail napkins lol). I wanted to get two variations of them (one with our full crest and one with just our monogram) just to change it up -- totally not needed but I love how good they both look!


In terms of other items from Zazzle we're looking to get, we're thinking about a corn hole board. It would be kind of a pain to get there but how great would it be to have a custom corn hole set for the house! I would want to get something commissioned for it so it's all TBD but that's what we're thinking.

I'm just so excited and happy with how everything turned out. The whole process was SO easy to do -- you just upload what you want, move it around (you can preview it via their website) and order. I even loved it so much I ordered some bottle labels for my corporate gift this past year and they were a hit. If you're ever looking to have something with that extra touch of personalization, Zazzle is your place!
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