Affordable Holiday Dress + Our Christmas Tree

We are now in FULL SWING for the holidays and I wanted to share a really fun (and under $100) holiday dress and our Christmas tree for this year!


ASTR: Lace Midi Dress (wearing a M) / Sam Edelman: Black Hazel Pumps / J. Crew: Cluster Earrings / Lacome: Matte Lipstick 

Tree details (Martha Stewart Living):

If you remember I have this dress in blue and love it, when I saw it came out this season in a metallic color I jumped on to buy it. I love that it gives the dress a little dressier look and feel so it would be perfect for any special holiday party. Fun fact: this is my most clicked on item from this year --- I guess you guys really love it too!!

The reviews online say to size up but I've worn a M in both and they have fit fine. The dress is NOT stretchy at all so that is probably why they suggest that but just as reference so you know what I was wearing!

And then for our tree... anyone who was here this time last year remembers that it looks pretty similar with minor changes here and there. Andrew and I love to collect ornaments that mean different things to us and we try and pick up something new each of our vacations so hopefully one year we'll have a tree full of wonderful memories. 

Most of the decor was like $1 from Michales and I kind of love how it looks! Since we're really storing this in a large bag in the offseason I didn't want to spend too much money currently -- not until we have our own place and our own storage -- so this works for us. I don't believe you need to spend a lot of money to make your tree look good, it just needs to be happy and what YOU want it to be!


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