What I'm Packing for Disney

We are off for a holiday trip to Disney with Andrews family. Excited to be in Florida and not have it be the middle of a muggy summer but also have NO idea how to dress for this haha. Doesn't help that it will rain tomorrow either! This should be interesting.. 

Since I won't be around my phone much, I wanted to link everything up for you guys so I could drive back to this post whenever anyone asks about an item. Plus I think it's fun to see what people are packing. I fit all of this into a carry on (go me!) but I worry that I'm not bringing enough/the right things. Only time will tell!

Think it's going to be a really fun trip and I can't wait to get there -- Andrew and I bought a new lens for our camera so we can take some fun shots while we're there. Hopefully I will do a better job documenting it this time around than in years past (aka never taking a single photo of us lol).

Sunglasses + Accessories:

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