Our Wedding Crest

Lets talk all things wedding crest! It's been a crazy road but finally have finalized what we'll be using. The first image above has our Save the Date map, but the crest is not the one we went with. It's just the first one that was drawn. We went with a variation of something from the first row below!

TBH this was kind of a mess that I take 100% credit for. I knew I wanted a wedding crest because I think it's fun to have and adds a little extra touch to a ton of different things. I had a designer that I loved and I wanted to use but it was roughly $900 to make create it and I didn't want to spend that much.

I started researching and looking and pinning and googling and searching until my eyes crossed for a designer I liked and was reasonably priced. I found one I thought I really loved and reached out. The price was fair-ish and we started working. I really liked the outline of the crests they made and was really happy at first. But when it came to the monogram itself, it was bad. It was as if she used photoshopped letters and placed them around to try and make something new. Long story very short: it didn't work out with them and I lost some money.

Then I was like, "f&$k it" and took one weekend to try my hand at Photoshop. I was Googling font letters and trying to find a variation of our monogram that I actually liked. That proved to be the hardest part. I was STRUGGLING with the letter "L" because it kind of made things lopsided (it's not a symmetrical letter). Fast forward five hours, I was photoshopping -- drawing and redrawing -- letters together and found that I loved how the K and A could layer.

I was a little worried that I was neglecting the most important part (the L) but a friend assured me that the initials work just as well, especially before we're married. So I went with the A and K. Fast forward again, and I finalized the crest (the first crest/first row in the image above) and I was feeling good. I was so happy with how it turned out. I continued to tweak and re-tweak the colors and took the next week or so reworking it, looking at it and then... ugh... starting to hate it.

I hated that you could tell the letters were computer drawn and the rest was hand drawn (the crest was from the original designer). I hated the colors. I started to see purple. And then I just got nauseous looking at it. Which I know is such an overreaction but I seriously was up at 3am multiple nights working on it and I started to resent it.

While all this was going on, we were working on our Save the Date map with Emily of Feathered Heart Prints and she was such a dream. She was professional, easy to work with and she was GOOD! After a lot of back and forth (and not telling Andrew lol) I decided to ask Emily to re-work our crest. 

God bless her because she put in WORK with all the edits and redrawn crests and variations I was asking for. We went through 5 rounds of proofs and I think like 20 options until settling on "the one." In the end we went with something that I saw during the second round of edits, but I just needed to see all the options before deciding.

We were this close to going with the third option on the first row but ultimately ended up finding the more traditional crest was better in tune with the style of the wedding.

So a long LONG story very short is Emily is amazing. If you want to work with her for any custom paints, please reach out to her. She does just about everything (even non-wedding stuff!) and is seriously talented and amazing to work with. I'm excited to show you our Save the Date map at a later time. You will see how talented she is!
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