Wedding Dress Inspiration

 To keep it real, I really have no idea what kind of wedding dress I want for the "big day." 

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I've spent a majority of my adult life thinking I would want one thing and now that it's time to really think about it, I'm thinking maybe something else... I don't know much but I do know I want it simple. I would love for nothing more than to go into a retail store and find a dress off the rack and walk out with it.

Out of all the things I don't know, there are some that I do: I know I want it simple. No lace or jewels, just simple. Elegant, classic, no fuss. Maybe a low back? Maybe a bow? Maybe one of those skirts that comes off? Train? Material? Color? 

Who knew this would all be so difficult! My mom, sister and I have a couple of dress appointments in Atlanta when I'm there later this month and we'll see what we can find. We currently have BHLDN and Kelly's Closet on the list of places to visit. If you have places in ATL that you love, please let me know below!

In terms of designer, I have a couple of ideas for people that I really like. Alexandra Grecco, Made With Love, Sarah Seven and Jenny Yoo are some that I have a major eye on! So we're going to places that carrie those lines and hopefully find something that works. I think all of these brands are a great place to start -- do you like them as well? Have you gotten any of their dresses? Would love to hear more from you guys below! As well as recommendations for other designers to look out for!

Also would love to hear of any dos/don'ts for trying on dresses, actual wedding dresses, the whole process! I'm kind of helpless here if you can't tell haha

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