Weekend Update: June 8

Happy Friday! The picture above is a favorite from Caitlin's wedding last weekend! Can't believe it's already been a week, it was such a fun time!

-Excited to try out this ACV hair rinse + ACV scalp scrub!
-Trying out the CT body glow!
-Caved and bought this lip liner (that EVERYONE raves about!)
-The perfect red eyelet top for the 4th of July

Reading: I just finished One Second After by William R. Forstchen and guys it was SO good. It was the story of the first year after an EMP bomb hit the United States. I'm still thinking about it on the daily. Now that this is done I promise my book review is next week!

Weekend Plans: Nothing too crazy -- another bridal brunch and hopefully a lot of time spent catching up on some needlepointing!

Most Popular Item This Week: My new (and favorite ever) toile shirtdress!

A Must Watch: In the life of my YouTube fandom, Casey + his wife are pregnant AND Liza and David broke up

Favorite Finds:
-Love a good summer sweater dress

Amazon Purchases of the Week: 

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