Weekend Update: June 29

Happy Friday! Hope you guys are having as nice of weather as we are in the city!

Shopping: I actually surprisingly didn't shop this week since I did soooo much damage last week before Nantucket. I did however sign up for Rent the Runway unlimited and am really loving it so far (surprisingly!) -- they are also sharing 40% off your first month with my blog readers if you guys are interested in trying it out too! Use code: KROBERTSOPERK40

Reading: Still waiting to start Upstairs at the Whitehouse by J.B West! And a reminder you can see my June reading list HERE!

Weekend Plans: Allison's wedding is tomorrow!! We had her rehearsal last night and I wore one of my RTR dresses. I'm so excited and can't wait to see it all come together.

NYC Life: 

Most Popular Item This Week: Still my RevitaBrow serum! This stuff is the holy grail of beauty products!

A Must Watch: Handmaids this past two weeks have been CRAZY. I get so sick and angry watching it but I also can't look away. I think since most of our shows are ending, we're going to start watching Succession -- has anyone seen it so far? Thoughts?? 

Favorite Finds:
-Really cute navy and white PJs
-New Lilly that is to dieeee for (it looks like nothing else they've made!)
-(too pricey) but I love this dress for work

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Nothing new to report here either BUT I have updated my shop page so you can see all my purchases just about ever in one place!

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