My eBay Purchases of 2018

eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases

You guys knowwww I love me some eBay and scoring really great deals on designer items! I wanted to share what all the eBay purchases I bought this year and the story behind each but also how I wear and style them in my everyday life! Enjoy :)

eBay Purchases - Shoes: 

--Gucci Brixton Loafers: I've had a pair of Sam Edelman Loraine loafers for about two years now and I originally bought them because I didn't *need* a Gucci pair. I rarely wear loafers! So I decided to save my money and be smart about my purchase. And I was ... for two years!

It wasn't until I was wearing my Sam Edelman loafers every day that I realized that I was now a loafer girl. But it still wasn't time to invest. These shoes are EXPENSIVE. And nowhere could I find them on sale or at a discount. So I decided to set up a search on eBay to alert me whenever my size loafer (in black) was listed and told myself I wasn't allowed to buy anything full price but if something came up on eBay we would talk about it.

So we waited about six months before a listing came into play. They were my size, my style but far too expensive for a used pair of shoes. So I decided to wait. I knew one would come along and I was also secretly hoping that by the time one did I would have moved on and no longer wanted them. But alas, I still wanted them and the right listing finally came.

They were a great price (more than half off), my size, the style, came with a box + dust bags and were in great condition. So I bought them! And I regret nothing. I knew holding out and waiting would be worth it in the long run. I love these shoes so much too I find myself wearing them all the time. They are so comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Because they are my most recent purchase I haven't featured them yet on the blog, but I wear them with white jeans, shorts, and even some more casual dresses!

P.S. There is actually a really great listing HERE if you are also in the market to buy and are a 7.5/8! See listings for all sizes HERE!

If you guys want a full review on them, let me know!!

eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
--Hermes Legend Wedge Sandal: Ok these were a totally random find and an AMAZING steal. I was actually looking to link my Oran and Oasis shoes and randomly stumbled upon a listing that was my size and for WAY under retail price (lower than half off) but was so worried they might be a tad small since Hermes usually runs a half size small. I went back and forth with the seller about sizing and asking questions since and slept on it before I bought it. I woke up the next morning with anxiety that they had been bought! I logged on and bought them right away and they came in the next day (she was shipping from CT). 

The best thing is these are the shoes I never knew I needed. I LOVE them and wear them all the time. Sometimes I worry that my Oasis slides aren't formal enough for some events and I can never truly find a comfortable summer heel. But these check both of those boxes. I love them because they are beautiful first off but also because no one else has them. They feel extra special to me and I still thank my lucky stars that I randomly came across them!

eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases

--Hermes Oasis Sandal: Funny thing about this listing was I actually doing the same thing as above -- looking to link my brown Oasis slides on the blog via eBay and came across this listing. It was (once again) like fate because they were in my size, at a very good price and something that I wanted but didn't need since I already had my other pair. And I totally admit that these were not needed at all in my closet. I justified it by the price -- the cheapest Ive ever bought something Hermes -- and by the fact that I wear my other pairs exclusively in the summer. I wear them to work, on vacation, out with friends -- I really make sure I get my moneys worth.

I bought my brown pair back in 2016 and have loved them ever since. So I knew that this was an investment and I was right! I've already worn them so much since getting them in and I'm happy I didn't pass up the opportunity to call them mine. 

You can see a full listing for all sandals HERE and if you're a size 7 THIS listing is a great one!! One of the cheaper ones I've seen for the shoe!

eBay Purchases - Fine Jewelry:

eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases

--Cartier Love Ring: The story of getting this ring goes against a lot of what I preach when shopping via eBay. To rewind, I have a list of things I want to buy at all times. The list is ever growing and changing and whenever a good deal pops up, I talk with myself, go over my expenses and do what is reasonable within my ability. A Cartier ring and bracelet have always been on that list -- heck they probably started that list!

So I watch and I look and I let things go by -- and I have for years. I've refined what I wanted so much I know down to the MM size of what I want to buy. So this listing pops up for my ring, my size and with the box and papers included... but the seller had only 1 review. So I watched and I waited and I kept thinking about it, seeing what else they were selling, asking about the item, the return policy and everything in between. 

I know this is random but I always want to know *why* a person is selling an item. Do they not want it? Is it defective? Is it fake? Do they need the money? Is it no longer loved? I feel like the story behind it is always my deciding factor. I get when I just no longer wear things I once loved and want to get rid of them. I've been there! Long story short the girl listing the ring had broken up with her boyfriend and was selling items (no one really needs to hear this story). 

We got to talking and she was really nice and helpful and explained that she was new to eBay and why her rating was non-exsitent (I always say not to buy from new people -- its usually a scam). She told me that I could get it authenticated, even though it came with papers and a receipt and if for any reason I didn't love the ring I could return it. So we made a deal, I bought the ring at a fabulous price (really, if you wait long enough you will get the BEST deal), took it to the store, got confirmation that it was real and I was on my merry way. Now I wear it everyday on my right ring finger and I'm very happy that is it part of my forever collection. 

You can find similar listings HERE just be EXTRA EXTRA careful as there are a lot of fake listings! If it's too good to be true, it probably is!

eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases
eBay Purchases featured by popular New York style blogger, Covering the Bases

--Cartier Tank Francaise Watch: This I will totally admit was a "treat yoself" kind of moment. I had just signed a new contract for a campaign (this one actually!) and thought what better way to talk about how I eBay with eBay by eBay-ing this purchase! I've always thought Cartier Tank watches were just the bees knees of elegance and class. I saw others wearing them and would swoon, I'd read about them in an article and not be able to get it out of my mind. It was just everywhere. So I decided to go on the hunt.

I realized I wanted to by the Francaise model and I knew the price point I was looking to stay under after doing my research. I watched for about 2 weeks before I swooped in and started making offers on different listings. I actually placed and offer on THIS exact listing and the seller was SO NASTY. He was mean and so extremely rude and is probably the reason why this listing is still up! I'm just saying, don't put an "offer now" if you don't want to take offers. 

Anyway... I looked around for some others and decided to try my luck with bidding. I am usually a buy it now-er as I think it's stress free and super easy to do. No hassle -- just ease! Get free shipping and buy items instantly with a single click—no auction required. But for this watch I had to find other ways to stay under my budget. I placed a bid and won the auction and I ended up spending only $25 over the price I was looking to pay.

I got the watch in a few days after and started to inspect it. For some reason I just had a *feeling* that it wasn't authentic. I'm not sure if I was just in sticker shock when it really came or if I was just second guessing. But either way it didn't feel right and everything inside of me said that it wasn't real -- even though the seller assumed me it was and it checked out when comparing it online. I decided to return it.

This is one of the really great things I love about eBay. They have some of the best customer service and are really there for you when it comes to inauthentic items. I told them I didn't believe it was real, they sent me a shipping label, I sent it back and I got a full refund by the following week. I mean you just can't beat that kind of service! It's why I really do shop with confidence when I shop with eBay. I know no matter what they have my back.

About a week later, I went back to another listing for the watch that I had been eyeing but passed on because it wasn't the cheapest option (it was about $50 more than I paid for the other and $100 more than the listing with the mean seller). But this time I decided to go with what I thought was the best seller, the best watch and took into account the price but decided it wouldn't be my driving factor on the purchase. Aka why it's a treat yo-self purchase.

I got this one in shortly after (it was a buy it now!) and have worn it every day for an entire month. I love it, I take VERY good care of it and I'm happy every time I look down at it. I'm just overall really happy with the purchase and love my new watch!!

What about you? What are your latest eBay purchases? What do you have on your watch list? Let me know in a comment below!

A big thanks to eBay for sponsoring today's post!
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