Five Year Anniversary Living in New York City

Five Year Anniversary Living in New York City featured by popular New York blogger, Covering the Bases

I have very few yearly traditions on the blog, but of those I do have, this is my favorite. I love recapping and celebrating another year in the city. I can't believe we just passed FIVE years (yesterday) here. I say it every year but where did the time go?

Five Year Anniversary Living in New York City featured by popular New York blogger, Covering the Bases
Five Year Anniversary Living in New York City featured by popular New York blogger, Covering the Bases
Five Year Anniversary Living in New York City featured by popular New York blogger, Covering the Bases

FIVE years? That is just insane but also doesn't feel long enough. It's weird to explain but I feel like I just moved here, and at the same time it feels like I've living in New York City my whole life. I guess New York kind of does that to you? It pushes you away but accepts you as one of its own all at the same time.

Technically you are not considered a "true New Yorker" until you've been here for 10 years. Even though I am halfway there I already feel like one (even if my southern roots are yelling, "No"). In my version of New York, no one is actually from here. We've all lived lives outside the island, B.N.Y.C. (Before living in New York City) and found our own way here like we were the first to come. We're all displaced, we're all making this our new home and we're all New Yorkers.

There's a special bond with the people in this city that I've come to know and love. We're quick and we like to keep to ourselves. We enjoy nice things and choose to spend our money on great food over a downpayment on a house. We live under pressure and thrive on stress and find a way to make the most of every hour we're given. We complain it's too cold in the winter and that it's too hot in the summer. We beg for warm weather and outdoor seating but leave the city every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We hate midtown during the holidays but love our Christmas trees. We'll wait for subways and curse in traffic but always are thankful we don't have to deal with our own cars. We're a rare breed and you have to live here to understand it.

I can truly accept that moving and living in New York City has been one of the best decisions of my life and not for one second do I regret taking the leap and landing on this island.

I'm living a pretty great life with little (other than the weather) to complain about: I have an awesome job, a great group of friends, an amazing boyfriend, the best apartment, a loving kitty and a ton of support from all around me. I think if you had told this to an 18-year-old me, I wouldn't believe you. Everything I ever wanted I have and that's rare to find!


The past year at work has been emotional with all the changes and added stress (a few mistakes as well) but I'm really happy overall and have seen my visions and dreams for my job actually come to life.

The past year in my relationship has been yet another amazing year and I think we get happier each day we spend with each other. I'm excited for what is to come!

The past year in my friendships has also been awesome. I feel like I've been really able to solidify new friendships, get rid of any toxic ones and only build on my long distance friends. I think that was always my biggest fear -- never having a group of people that were really ones to call my own (coming to a new place and all). But I believe I have set myself up for a lifetime of happiness.

The past year for my blog has been the best yet. I always am so happy that I grow more and more every year with the blog. I love the partnerships, collaborations and ideas I'm able to share with you all. I love my readers and the relationships I've been able to build through this website as well!

The past year for my finances has also been another great one. I've nearly doubled my savings and for the first time in a while am starting to feel very comfortable for our future. I'm amazed at what I was able to save and look forward to only saving more!

One of my favorite things about doing these yearly posts is looking back on my goals for each year. I'm always amazed at what I've been able to tick off and build upon. Here are my past three lists combined:

...live in a bigger apartment
...get a promotion at work
...have a solid savings account with investments towards my future
...be even better with my money
...see the blog continue to grow
...live a healthier lifestyle
...take less cabs
...cook more food
...have traveled to Europe
...to be closer with my (on the way) baby niece 
...complete my New York checklist (post for another day)

...get another promotion at work
...see the blog continue to grow
...cook more food
...have traveled to Europe
...be closer with my baby niece 
...go to bed earlier
...dedicate more time to YouTube 
...build closer relationships with those I love

...continue to grow my job at work
...have fewer things
...travel home more
...see the blog continue to grow
...become more tidy in the apartment
...cook more food/eat out less
...work out on a consistent basis

So over the past four years I've checked off everything except taking fewer cabs, post a NYC checklist, post more videos on YouTube, travel home more and have a cleaner apartment! Not too bad, right? So as we always do, let's make a list for this time next year:

By this time next year I'd like to...
-be more organized 
-take fewer cabs
-create more videos
-see my family more
-get engaged (can I say that??)
-find a GP in the city (I still don't have a doctor here, oops!)
-shoot more New York City content
-continue to grow the blog
-travel to the Canadian rockies 
-wake up earlier 


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