Weekend Update: March 9

Man am I happy it is Friday! I feel like it's going to be a good weekend of just getting caught up on life and getting back into my normal routine! Have a great weekend!!

Shopping: I didn't shop this week... crazy, right?? But if I did make a purchase it would have been these:
-THESE PAJAMAS!! Omggggg I'm in love
-These sunglasses that look like the Prada ones

Reading: I finally(!!) finished Elannor Oliphant and I have to admit I'm sad it too me so long. It was a really good book. Now I don't know what to read next!

Weekend Plans: Nothing major outside of cleaning the apartment, editing some videos, maybe filming some new ones(!!) and ideally seeing a movie this weekend. We have movie pass and haven't seen any in a couple weeks so we really should take better advantage of it. Especially since there are a lot of great ones out right now!

Throwback Post: Guys. Brace yourself. The most popular dress of last year (on the blog) is BACK! You can see the post here! It's under $90, in stock in all sizes and back in ALL COLORS!

Most Popular Item of the Week: My white ruffle one piece from target! It's soooo cute on too

Favorite Finds:
-This Lilly maxi that is so reminiscent of old school Lilly I die a little inside 
-Gingham midi skirt (thats on major sale)!

Favorite Blogger Post of the Week:
Very real and honest of Mariah to talk about her breakup.
This is the week for personal posts like this one from Olga.
**P.S. I would love to feature some of you guys -- the ones reading this post (who also have blogs) -- each week, so if you want to be considered, leave me your favorite post from this week in the comments below and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: "Friends" -- I've had this song stuck in my head ALL WEEK

A Must Watch: Loved (and laughed) at the opening monologue from the Film Independent Spirit Awards -- hosted by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll

Amazon Purchases of the Week: When I say I didn't shop this week I really meant it! Not even a single amazon purchase for myself (I bought Dixie food -- that was it!). But if you need your Amazon fix you can see everything HERE.

Fitness Update: We are about to embark on our last week of the program. I will have a full write up/review and some photos to share but I have decided to start it over again. I really want to make sure I am strong enough and ready to move on to the 12-24 week program first. I also didn't follow the guide fully because I didn't incorporate LISS or HIT into my training. So that will be my goal for when I start again.

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