Weekend Update: March 2

March hit me like a ton of bricks hahah it came out of no where!! Anyone else feel that way?? But if that means spring is around the corner, I am ALL IN. This week in NYC it was actually decent out so I don't have much room to complain. Hope everyone had a good week!

-Tassel earrings (that are very reminiscent of a blue pair I had a few years back from H&M)
-A beautiful high/low floral dress
-A white eyelet bikini (top / bottom)
(I also did a TON of other shopping for swimsuits and Vineyard Vines items but there are so many so they got their own dedicated blog post that you can read HERE!)

Also from the Shopbop sale... (the buy more save more sale with code: GOBIG18)
-I reordered my favorite Vince sneakers (in grey) because they were ready to be replaced haha 
-Snagged new spanx leggings -- but this time they are in camo!!
-And remember when I told you I always try and stock up on AG jeans when they go on sale? I got my favorite farrah style in black and I'm v excited!

Reading: I have picked up Elanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (again) and I swear I will get through it this trip or else!! I hate stopping in the middle of books but this has also made it so I haven't read any this year. Eeek.

NYC Life: Not going to lie it was a super stressful week -- like one of the worsts in a while and I think my skin is going to take a big hit (did you know a lot of acne is caused by stress?). I had a really scary encounter one night with a creepy guy following me and it really shook me. But on the bright side, I got to see All The Money in the World in a really cool new theatre near by neighborhood and that made it so I saw all the major Oscar noms except for Phantom Thread.

Weekend Plans: As I'm writing this blog post, I am on my way to Palm Beach with three of my best girlfriends from work. This trip has been forever in the making and I'm just so happy we can all get away together! Hoping for amazing weather -- I have not had a warm weather vacation yet this year (Vegas was v cold last weekend). Hoping going south will fix this. Also heard there's a snow storm hitting NYC this weekend so we got out just in time. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: This white ruffle back one piece from Target!

Favorite Finds:
-Wide leg crop pants (with a scallop hem)
-Faux wrap dresses are my favorite

Favorite Blogger Posts of the Week:
-Excited for Carly's big move!
-I always love to see what other people are reading so I was into Mackenzie's book reads this month

**P.S. I would love to feature some of you guys -- the ones reading this post (who also have blogs) -- each week, so if you want to be considered, leave me your favorite post from this week in the comments below and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song Of the Week: Toss up between "Havana" by Pentatonix or "Beg" buy Jack and Jack

A Must Watch: I finally got around to watching ESPNs 30 for 30: The Two Bills and LOVED it. I love just about all their docs but this one I didn't know the background of so it was really interesting! It's the story of Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells (fyi).

Amazon Purchases of the Week: So silly but I bought some fun desk games for the office like this connect 4 game (I'm realllyyyy good at connect 4) and this wooden tangram. I also got a felt letter board, and a tiered tray holder and most random of all a belt hanger for our belts in the closet. 

Fitness Update: We kept up with it last week and in Vegas but to be honest I fell off this week. I was way too stressed at night to leave my apartment and also to sleep so going in the am kind of fell off the table too. I *might* work out tomorrow or I might just wait for when I get back and start the week over with Andrew. We're on week 11 out of 12!!

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