Weekend Update: January 19

Weekend Update: January 19 by popular New York lifestyle blogger Covering the Bases
Another fun week in the books! Did a lot of stuff this week in preparation for some changes at work and some new fun content on the blog I can't wait for you guys to see!

Weekend Update - Shopping:

--I want to test out some new supportive sports bras so I grabbed THIS New Balance one, THIS Natori one and THIS Moving Comfort bra. Will report back!
--I can't seem to stop buying leggings... snagged these moto leggings and this seamless pair (going to see which I like better) from Alo!
--A dress with a bow? You already know
--Bow slippers because you want to look cute and be comfortable

Weekend Update - NYC Life: 

I went to Sephora TWICE this week. Do you know what that does to a girls wallet?! N-o-t ideal but I just needed a refresh of makeup and I'm pretty sure I got more than I bargained for. I also stopped by Banana Republic yesterday to pick out some work pants and I can't remember the last time I was in a real store trying on clothes hahaha. I actually found two that I LOVED and I will be posting about them soon!

Weekend Plans:

Hopefully seeing some more movies! Andrew and I haven't seen any in forever so we got Movie Pass and are waiting to get it in. Last weekend we saw Coco and loved it so now we're hoping to check off some Oscar noms this weekend. I'm also planning on recording some new beauty videos for YouTube -- this weeks video helped me get back into the swing of things. 

Most Popular Item This Week: 

My underwire sports bra (it really is the best. I tried working out with sommthgin else and it was NOT fun). 

Throwback Post: 

Beige and white spring time look!

Favorite Blogger Posts of the Week:

-I loved my eyelash extensions but make sure to read Alyssa's post before getting them!
-Two TV binge posts here... 1) What To Do When You Finish The Crown (and need your royal fix!!) and 2) The Best Shows To Binge On Netflix

**PS I would love to feature some you guys -- the ones reading this post -- (who also have blogs) each week, so if you want to be considered for next week, leave me your favorite post from this week and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: I don't have one but I NEED one. Any good recs for good songs that are out??

A Must Watch: Season 2 trailer of Handmaid's Tale is out and O M G I cannot wait! Also loved Elle's very real and raw video!

A Must Read: What Is Content Licensing And How Does It Impact Bloggers? Bookmarking this for myself and for any other bloggers out there -- a true must read!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: So (don't hate me) but I'm moving this content to my email list and making it exclusive for subscribers! You can always check out my recent purchases on my Amazon Shop Page (bookmark it!) but for more day to day stuff and quick reviews, be sure to subscribe! The email will only be once a week so it won't be too annoying!

Fi(t)ness: (< -- Get it??) Adding this to the blog per a reader suggestion! Andrew and I just finished week 6 of BBG and it was a lottttt of arms and abs which are my weak points. I couldn't do this without him dragging me out of bed and he couldn't do this without me pushing during workouts so we make a pretty good team!

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