Makeup Review: January

Makeup Review: January by popular New York style blogger Covering the Bases

Going to try something new today (maybe a new monthly series?) and talk about recent beauty buys and add my quick makeup review for each of them! Hope you enjoyyyy


Makeup Review: January by popular New York style blogger Covering the Bases

Fun fact about me: I'm obsessed with makeup. I love putting it on, watching videos and trying new things. Weirdest thing of all -- I don't wear make up outside of 1 day a week. I know I know it's like a contradictory thing but I just don't wear makeup to work at all. Maybe that is why I like it so much -- because I put it on for fun and not out of necessity.

Anyway I've been buying A LOT of new things in the beauty world this month and I wanted to share them with you all. Maybe this series continues on for once a month or maybe you guys are like meh and I'll never do it again! We'll just have to figure it out together.


New Items:
Tata Harper Under Eye: I saw Mackenzie blog about this so I was excited to try it out. I still haven't found "the one" when it comes to under eye cream so I'm kind of all over the place. Ive been trying this Tata Harper one for about two weeks now and I like it but I don't love it. I think the price tag is what is so hard to swallow. Plus I used to religiously use the Origins under eye cream that does just about the same thing as this (illuminating cream). I'll still have to try this out and see how it goes!

Becca Under Eye Corrector: I bought this right after Taylor used it on her IG stories -- it was like night and day!! I love using it but it has a totally different consistency than I was expecting -- almost tacky like -- but once it goes on it's ON for the day. It definitely does the job and if you deal with underage darkness this is the corrector for you!

Giorgio Armani Foundation: Everyone on YouTube raves about this stuff so I decided on a whim to test it out in store. I was color matched and what made me pull the trigger was how well it matched my skin tone -- I mean it looks JUST like my skin. I love it! I've also been super dry lately and it doesn't accentuate that which is a big plus for me!

Charlotte Tilbury Brush: I have a problem where anytime I watch a Charlotte Tilbury video I need to buy all of the products. I don't know why more brands don't post videos like she does because it really works! I got this brush after watching this video and I really love it! I always switch between using a brush or a blender depending on how I'm feeling that day but this really applied my foundation and concealer wonderfully!

Urban Decay Velvetizer: I've been wanting to try this out for a while and randomly I picked it up in store the other week to test it out. I'm not sure just how much I'll use it right now but I know for fact it will change any shitty foundation into a good one. I tried one that just was NOT good for my skin and then tried it again with this velvetier in it and I loved it. It was like night and day. Very confusing but it really helps make your foundation (when mixed in) thicker and more full coverage.

Morphe Beauty Sponge: I love trying out new sponges but honestly can't really tell that much of a difference between this and the regular beauty blender. I still like it and will use it but there is nothing super special to report here. 

Mac Paint Pot: Everyone and their mother uses this stuff so I finally decided to see what the hype was about and honestly I'm not super impressed yet. No one told me just how thick and drying it is on your eyelids. It was a good base sure, but not one that has been better then other eyelid primers. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow: I LOVE this eyeshadow. The color (jean) is the perfect base color for literally anything and it goes on sooooo smooth and hydrating. It's my first real time trying out a mouse/wet eyeshadow and I don't know if I can go back!

Smashbox Eyeshadow: Got a bunch of these in a PR mailer and decided to take some for a spin. I'm not the biggest eyeshadow girl but I do like the colors in this palette. The pigmentation is so real and a little goes a really long way!

Givenchy Mascara Primer: Love love love! I've been using the Dior mascara primer and it wasn't that great -- I would compare it to drugstore. But THIS primer wowowowow I think it has to do with the brush but it is great! It coats my lashes so well and really gives them a good and thick base for my mascara to grab onto. 

CoverFX Highlighter: Ok, out of everything I've tried this month THIS IS MY FAVORITE. It's super intimidating because it's STRONG but using it in moderation it goes on so beautifully! It's such a natural highlight and works well on its own, under makeup and even over it. I've never been so in love with a highlighter before. 

ANDDDDDD there is a NEW VIDEO up on my YouTube channel if you want to see all these new goodies in action. I posted a new makeup routine/natural full face/get ready with me video and you can check it out HERE. Please don't forget to subscribe!


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