What I Wore To Work: September

Ok so we're going to do something a little different today -- I'm going to show you what I really truly wear to work each day. 

Now this is as real as you can get -- these photos are snapped in the morning before I go to work (sometimes in the bathroom at work and also sometimes at night after work because I forget) and they're not posed like I would for Instagram. 

In the mornings I'm sleepy and usually running late and I'm literally just snapping one photo and heading out. Also so random but if I'm wearing a clip in my hair it's only for the bike ride -- not for the full day. I'm weird. Here we go.

T-shirt (under $20 and is my FAV!) / Skirt (old; similar) Loafers 

Oxford / Skirt / Shoes / Purse (outfit last seen HERE)

Dress (last seen on the blog HERE) / Shoes / Purse

Top / Skirt (last seen on the blog HERE) / Shoes

Oxford / Skirt (old; last seen HERE) / Vest / Shoes

T-shirt (under $20 and is my FAV!) / Skirt (last seen on the blog HERE) / Loafers

Sweater (on the blog HERE) / Skirt (last seen HERE) / Shoes

T-shirt (under $20 and is my FAV!) / Skirt (solid print) / Shoes

Dress (similar; last seen HERE) / Shoes / Purse

Now I tried my best to link up every last item and if they are old (which some of them are) -- I tried to find an identical/similar option. If I couldn't find anything worth linking up, I linked to an old blog post with the direct links. So hopefully it helps!

What do you guys think of todays post? Idk why I'm so nervous about it-- its just so "raw" to me. Like you're getting a peek into day to day me which is a tad different then blog me.

If you like it, I can keep posting them. But as you can see my office is so casual!

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